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KENWOOD TM-V71E VHF/UHF FM Mobile Transceiver with EchoLink

KENWOOD TM-V71E VHF/UHF 144/440MHz FM Mobile Transceiver with EchoLink Functionality more Reference TMV71E | EAN 019048172785

TM-V71E KENWOOD Emisora Bibanda


KENWOOD TM-V71E VHF/UHF 144/440MHz FM Mobile Transceiver with EchoLink Functionality

Wherever you are headed, be sure to set off with Kenwood’s TM-V71A. Featuring 50W output, 1,000 memory channels, multiple scan options, and PC connectivity (to store and edit data), this advanced FM transceiver is fully equipped to take on the toughest challenges, day or night. Powerful performance is matched with intuitive operational ease: the large LCD panel – with a choice of either amber or green adjustable backlighting – PF keys, and EchoLink® compatibility all help to make this the ideal companion for dependable dual-band communications on the move.

KENWOOD TK-V71E Transceiver

Kit Contents
  • 1 KENWOOD TK-V71E Transceiver
  • 1 MC-59 microphone
  • 1 DC power cable
  • 1 Transceiver bracket

KENWOOD TK-V71E Transceiver


  • High RF power output (50W)
  • Dual receive on same band (VxV, UxU)
  • Compatible with ARRL TravelPlus
  • “Five-In-One” Programmable memory
  • 1,000 Multifunction memory channels
  • Multiple scan
  • Invertible front panel
  • Choice of 2 backlight colours
  • 104-Code digital code squelch
  • Voice guidance & Storage option (VGS-1)
  • EchoLink Sysop Mode for node terminal operation
  • EchoLink Memory (Automatic dialer)
  • Wide reception: 118-524MHz, 800-1300MHz
  • MC-59 16-Key Hand Microphone with backlighting
  • Separate VOL/SQL for A & B Bands
  • 6-pin Mini-DIN Socket for External TNC
  • 8-pin Mini-DIN Socket for PC Connection
  • Programmable Function Keys
  • Band Mask
  • Call Channel
  • S-meter Squelch & Hysteresis Timer
  • Monitor Function
  • Mute
  • 3-hour Auto Power Off
  • MHz Mode
  • Selectable Frequency Step
  • Shift Function
  • Repeater Offset (selectable)
  • Reverse
  • Auto Repeater Offset (on/off, VHF only)
  • Automatic Simplex Checker
  • DTMF Memory (10 channels, 16 digits)
  • DTMF Remote Control
  • Time Out Timer
  • Key Lock
  • Power-on Password
  • Memory Shift
  • Programmable VFO
  • Beep On/Off, Volume Control
  • Mic Program Function
  • Channel Display Mode
  • Power-on Message
  • LCD Brightness Control, Auto Brightness
  • Switch to External Speaker
  • Reset (VFO, PART, PM, FULL)

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