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YAESU VR 120. Frequency range: 0.1000 MHz - 1299.9995 MHz; Yaesu VR-120D. It is a high-performance compact portable radio receiver that provides a coverage reception from 100 kHz to 1299.995 MHz in AM and FM modes more Reference VR120

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Yaesu VR 120
Frequency range: 1299.9995 MHz 0.1000 MHz; Robust design. We are proud to present the new communication receiver 120D Yaesu VR. It is a portable radio receiver compact high performance which provides a general reception coverage 100 kHz to 1299.995 MHz in the AM and FM modes (wide and narrow bands). This coverage includes the AM broadcast band and FM, shortwave bands HF bands VHF and UHF television, the VHF AM aeronautical band and a wide frequency range of public and commercial security.
VR 120D small size will allow you to take it anywhere climbing, skiing, or while walking around town, offering operational flexibility give you many ways to enjoy its management. Its size is only 85 x 59 x 26 mm (without button).
Step tuner:
5 / 6.25 / 9/10 / 12.5 / 15/20/25/30/50 Khz.
Operation could be greatly simplified by using the "PRESET" mode. The "PRESET" mode offers twelve frequencies "starting point" (a frequency in each of the 12 popular listening bands), from which you can start manual tuning

The price includes: 1 VR120 scanner belt clip .
Batteries not included:

specialized scanner frequencies for web view >>>>>

You may be interested to have better reception an outdoor antenna.


Ref: EUROSTICK EURO STICK >>> Antenna scanner Frequency: 25 2000 Mhz. Length: 0.90

A compact antenna with a wide frequency range. It can be mounted outside or inside.

Excludes antenna cable is required RG 58 see more >>>

This antenna connector is required PL 259 see more >>>

Example installation for a distance of 15 meters:

It is necessary cable RG 58 Length 15 meters 2 PL259 1 MT 7060 This PL to BNC adapter is valid for scanner Yaesu VR 120, ETC ... everyone scanner carrying BNC connector.

Includes mounting bracket and clamps to put in valid Mast not included.


euro stick


Yaesu VR 120
> Frequency range: 1299.9995 MHz 0.1000 MHz; Robust design.
> Battery saving circuit; BNC antenna connector; AF output of 80 mW.
> 8-character alphanumeric display; Simple operation; Preset memory.
> 640 memory channels; 10 banks of memory; Memories labeling.
> Memory of a touch (direct); Broadcast preseteadas bands.
> Counter channel; Dual reception; MONITORING priority.
> Smart Search; Search VFO; Programmable pre channel search.
> Scanning memory channel; Reset the system.
> Resetting Function / Menu; Cloneado radio radio.
> Circuit Type: Super Heterodyne triple conversion.
> Receive Mode: AM / FM / WFM.

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