RM KLV LINIAL 400 AMPS OR 1926-1930 MHz HF RED VALVE PL519 200W x 2

RM KLV 400 AMPLIFICADOR 26-30 Mhz RED 200W VALVULAS EL519 x 2 65057
Discontinued product.
  • KLV400
  • RM KLV 26-30 400 Mhz AMPS OR RED VALVE PL519 200W x 2 Linear amplifier tube (PL-519) Frequency...

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RM KLV 400

1926-1930 MHz AMPLIFIER VALVES RED PL519 200W x 2
Linear amplifier tube (PL-519)

Frequency range 26 / 30 MHz
Supply voltage 230V AC 50 Hz
Input Power
3-10 Watt AM-FM
6-20 Watt SSB

Output power
100-250W AM (pep)
200-400W SSB (PEP)


Output power
100-200W AM (pep)
200-400W SSB (PEP)

Weight 5 kg

Use as a final step two valves EL519 TX
Sleep function has (Stand-By)
and lighting in the meter WATT.

The command "TUNE" is used to attach the amplifier to the antenna, just press PTT and adjust to maximum power output on the front panel instrument.

It is also possible to obtain the optimum setting action on the control "TUNE" to obtain the maximum illumination in the TX indicator.

It has delayed disconnection TX-RX for use in SSB mode
and two levels of output power switchable via the HI-LOW (high power and low)