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DF 3170 Camara for maneuvers goes atras + Display 7 inches CON TV + Loader...

DF 3170 Camara for maneuvers goes atras + Display 7 inches CON TV + Loader burner Systemizes retrovisión. Display TFT LCD 7 inches COLOR SISTEMA DE AYUDA to the APARCAMIENTO PARA COCHE. Suitable for autocaravanas, caravans, trucks, pick-up trucks, etc Display TFT LCD of 7 inches. Cable connection of 15 metres. One provides with everybody the accessories for his assembly. more Manufacturer: takuma Reference DF3170

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The kit this compound by a display of 7 inches that includes tuner of TV and a camera outside of color. This camera one places in the part back of the vehiculo allowing see at every moment what is detras.

The camera is very robust. At the moment in which the camera detects that not is lighting happens to the manner night. The camera already shows the image real that is to say, not one shows reversed.

The display receives the signal to traves from the connector posterior. Suitable for autocaravanas, caravans, trucks, pick-up trucks, etc To make maneuver reverse, parkings, operations of load, safety and vigilance of the vehicle and so on

At every moment one can acquire a second camera for the system that him podria be good between other uses for see a part in concretion of the vehiculo.
In the case of caravans, cars and vehicles of small embergadura this second camera can be ideal to watch to the most smaller of the house.
If this second camera her apply in the event of transports publicos podriamos have watched at every moment the entry or exit of passengers.

The kit one subministra with all the accessories necessary gives birth an assembly easy without no kind of knowledge special.

Display TFT LCD of 7 inches.
Cable connection of 15 metres.
One provides with everybody the accessories for his assembly.


Vision continuous of the camera

Connecting the display and the camera to the switch be able notice an image continuous of all what happens behind our vehicle by the canal AV in our display.

Activation with reverse

By the connection of the cable marron that one finds next to all the power cords to the positive of the march atras manage that every time that put her goes atras in our vehiculo one visualize the image of the camera.

Este sistema de retrovisión permite llevar la pantalla en modo STAND-BY (monitor apagado pero con corriente) Y en el momento en que se pone marcha átras, se enciende y se muestra automaticamente la imagen de lo que sucede en la parte posterior de nuestro vehiculo.

Other option can be be seeing any device of AUDIO/ VIDEO connected to the switch and to the moment to operate the march átras that one visualize the camera.

Assembly with two cameras

If wants can buy a camera additional for the system. Using the assembly explained previously of the activation to the put reverse can manage see an image at every moment and when one uses reverse automaticamente see what is detras of the vehicle.

The example of this system him can find in a caravan. You can control at every moment what this happening in the rear where are his children playing or making any action. At the moment in which you gives birth and one is prepared to station not necesitarcambiar chamber because to the put the march atras, saltaria the image.




  Dress front DF3170



Dress lateral DF3170

  Opening of the system DF 3170


Wear front DF 3170


Dress posterior DF 3170

Modulo stops connect aerial of television

With this modulo be able connect an aerial of television special, designed specifically for these systems.


Connecting of the display DF 3170


 Seen camara - Front

   Connector of the camara







Scheme connection


- The system convenient stops vehicles of big embergadura
- Good sight. Not reflejante
- Possibility of escojer the image
- Audio/ video
- Display TFT LCD 7pulgadas
- Includes UHF VHF
- Frequency of audio and exit of frequency of video
- The camera is raincoat designed for use outer
- Image high resolution and wide countryside by sight


Display TFT LCD

Device of visualization  


Canals of reception

VHF L:CH 1-5 48.25MHZ-91.75MHZ
VHF H:CH 6-12 168.25MHZ-222.75MHZ
UH :CH 3-57 471.25MHZ-869.75MHZ

All the canals of cable television

Z1-27 (112.25MHZ-166.75MHZ )

Z8-Z35 (224.25MHZ-446.75MHZ )

System of sound


Size screen  

7 inches

Gone out from audio  



Loudspeaker round of 4.0 cm  

Terminals of connection  

Connector of aerial external, Connecting stops auriculaes, Connecting AUDIO/ VIDEO (AV) Connector for food external.

Consumption of energia  

Around 10W

Dot Pitch

0.107 (H) 0.372 (V)


1440 (H) 234 (V)

Angulo vision  

Or: 15/ D: 35, R/ L: 55

300cd/m2. Contrast: 150:1 Welght: 540g
Enlarge 163mm High 125mm Bottom 30.5mm



Accessories 1/4