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ICR5 ICOM handheld scanner. One of the best scanner on the market

ICR5 ICOM handheld scanner. One of the best scanner on the market

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Lightweight, compact and small in size with only 185 grams in weight, the IC-R5 has a receiver from 0150 to 1310 Mhz in AM, FM and WFM allowing you to receive amateur stations, shortwave or television stations an easy and intuitive. CTCSS and DTCS scan also very valuable to know that undertone this broadcast.

It has a ferrite antenna inside that frees you use your broadband antenna for reception of shortwave stations as well from their menu you can select the antenna to use the headphone cable as an optional HP-4 antenna for FM broadcast stations.

Step Tuner:
5 / 6, 25 / 8.33 / 9/10/12, 5/15/20/25/30/50/100 Khz.

You can also receive free use of PMR in steps of 6.25 kHz. Motorola. Yaesu, Alan, Cobra, Kenwood, ICOM, etc. ..

Aviation at 8.33 kHz step. AM

Note: This scanner only receive, not transmit.

! Different brands!

  specialized web scanner frequencies see >>>>>

High Speed Scanner 30 channels per second and 9 types of different scanner expand their versatility, as the automatic stations within a certain range defrecuencias receives a mode signal and automatically stores the CTCSS tone or DTCS.

Tone squelch system, you can program different CTCSS and DTCS tones, eliminating the reception of unwanted transmissions or interference, very useful for monitoring repeaters. It also has Poket Beep function, this function activating an audible warning alerts you that the CTCSS received matches the programmed. CTCSS and DTCS scan also, unless he knows that CTCSS and DTCS the IC R5 is displayed.

You can make the burden of rechargeable batteries from the device itself using the accessory (not included in price) BC-149D.

Chance to feed externally on your car battery while charging 2 rechargeable Ni-Cd "AA" batteries thanks to its cigarette lighter adapter (CP-18. Optional).

Optionally it is also possible to program a list of memory through its CS-R5 software and programming cable OPC-478U for use with USB or OPC-478 for RS-232.

"0total of 1250 reports and up to 18 banks can make different types of scanning, besides being able to leave a comment of 6 alphanumeric characters.

We recommend using rechargeable batteries, which can be loaded from within the scanner using the optional CB-149D (this accessory is not included in kit)

NEVER: charge batteries or alkaline batteries

View of the back with R06 rechargeable batteries type AA (not included in the equipment, sold separately)




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