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YAESU FTM-400XDE DIGITAL BI-BAND mobile station 144/430 Mhz

FTM-400-XDE YAESU Dual band VHF-UHF 144/430 Mhz mobile transceiver. APRS. It is the first mobile introduced to be fully compatible for use in Fusion System dual-mode system. more Manufacturer: yaesu Reference FTM400XDE EAN 4909959150599

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YAESU FTM-400XDE DIGITAL BI-BAND mobile station 144/430 Mhz YAESU FTM-400XDE Measurements Mobile transmitter DIGITAL BIBANDA 144/ 430 Mhz Female PL antenna connector YAESU FTM-400XDE transmitter accessory Yaesu bi-band station
YAESU FTM-400XDE DIGITAL BI-BAND mobile station 144/430 Mhz


FTM-400-XDE Dual band VHF-UHF 144/430 Mhz mobile transceiver. APRS. It is the first mobile introduced to be fully compatible for use in Fusion System dual-mode system. Compared to other digital modulation schemes in FDMA, C4FM has excellent communication quality (BER: Bit Error Rate characteristics). C4FM is the standard method for professional communication devices in FDMA, and therefore it is considered to be the main digital communication mode of the future. The FTM-400XDE operates in three (3) digital modes and one (1) analog mode to suit your needs. This feature packed radio is our first mobile digital equipped with the new Automatic Mode Select (AMS) feature that instantly detects the received signal mode. The AMS function enables operation and eliminates the need to manually switch between communication modes.

YAESU Transceptor móvil Doble banda VHF-UHF 144/430 Mhz

Yaesu FTM400DE Kit Contents
  • 1 YAESU FTM400DE transmitter
  • 1 Power Cable 12 volts
  • 1 hand microphone ref. MH48A6JA
  • 1 Transmitter support ref. MMB-36
  • 1 Cable connection cover 3 meters
  • 1 head support
  • 1 mono to stereo adapter

Transceptor móvil Doble banda VHF-UHF 144/430 Mhz

 VHF-UHF 144/430 Mhz


  • Dual band VHF-UHF 144/430 Mhz. APRS
  • Rugged, powerful transmitter
  • Output Power RF Transmitter: 50W / 20W / 5W Type.
  • Modulation: F1D, F2D, F3E: Variable reactance modulation, F7W: 4FSK (C4FM)
  • High Power Audio Output Loud 3 Watt Audio outputs with the internal speaker.
  • 8 watts of power via optional external speaker (MLS-200-M10)
  • Frequency range
    108-137MHz (Air Band)
    137-174MHz (144MHz HAM)
    174-400MHz (GEN1)
    400-480MHz (430MHz HAM)
    144 - 146MHz
  • APRS ®Included
    1200/9600bps APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) data communication capability included.
  • cross band
    The FTM-400DE is crossband in analog mode, a very important feature for emergency situations, etc.
  • GPS Included
    Built in GPS receiver and antenna provides location, time, address and APRS information. A GPS logging function included. External GPS devices can be connected.
  • hands-free operation
    Law Abiding (when needed) hands-free operation is available through the use of the optional Bluetooth® wireless unit and headset. Optional Bluetooth® Unit (BU-2) and Headset (BH-2A) are required.
  • Photo function (image data transmission)
    Just connect a MH-85A11U (optional) Camera Microphone. Press the shutter button to take snapshots, and then the image data can be displayed on the screen, and easily sent to other C4FM FDMA digital transceivers. Image data that is sent from a member of the group is displayed on the screen in full color. This image data also keeps track of time and GPS location data of the snapshot. It's easy to navigate to the location on the photo using the track back feature. In addition, it can be seen on the screen, if the transmitted data was received by the member station. The snapshot image or received data is stored on a high capacity micro SD card. You can retrieve and send those image data from the SD card at any time. Images and data files can be easily viewed and edited using a personal computer. * Micro SD card (not included) is required for snapshot function
  • Monitor Digital Group (GM) Function
  • The Digital GMs feature automatically checks if registered members of a group are within communications range, and displays information such as distance and bearing for each call sign on the screen.
  • This useful feature not only allows you to see which friends are within communication range, but also allows you to see where everyone in the group is at a glance. Also, this function can be used to send messages and image data between group members. The Monitor Digital Group applies to direct communications between members. Not applicable through a repeater This is a valuable feature for Public Service Group activities, Search and Rescue operations, and any number of other limited uses.
  • Smart Navigation function
  • Real-time navigation function allows location checking at any time.
  • In digital V/D mode, information such as position data is transmitted along with voice signals so that the distance and direction to other stations can be displayed in real time while communicating with them.
  • back track function
  • The Backtrack feature allows navigation to a recorded location at the touch of a button. When hiking or camping, simply register your starting or camping point before departure, and the distance and bearing of the current location is displayed on the screen. This is a valuable feature for search and rescue operations, as well as casual hiking and camping.
  • Voice guide and recording function
  • Optional Voice Guide Unit (FVS-2) announces its operating frequency, APRS® band change and current messages.
  • You can record up to 5 minutes of received signals, or continuously record the last 30 seconds of received audio.
  • Bandwidth real-time with uninterrupted RX audio
  • 500 memory channels for each band A (Main) and B (Sub) Band
  • Storage of memory channels and personal settings on an inserted Micro SD card
  • By using a micro SD card, it is easy to copy and transfer the radio data to other compatible radios.
  • Versatile Scanner Receiver for Enthusiasts (VFO, scan memory, etc) Monitoring
  • Analog and digital clock
  • Timer function: Event timer with lap or countdown functions.

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Guillermo PM 19-01-2023 | 09:37

Un equipo sencillo de configurar. Simple de utilización. Bajo Mac programarlo sin problemas. Tamaño pequeño. La pantalla es excelente. Audio muy bueno.

Alfonso VR 17-11-2022 | 08:47

Buena emisora buena recepción en general muy buena

Miguel ÁDF 26-04-2021 | 21:00

podían mejorar algo mas