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Issuer 278 MIDLAND CB 27 Mhz. 40 Channels AM / FM 4W

Equipped with all controls and functions necessary to satisfy the most demanding of amateur radio, quality of materials used in its manufacture and its versatility and functionality you will enjoy excellent radio moments while generating a healthy more Reference MIDLAND278

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MIDLAND 278 CB station 27 Mhz. 40 AM / FM 4W channels

The MIDLAND 278 represents the maximum exponent in the new generation of CB equipment as the most advanced technology in electronic engineering has been used in its design and production. Equipped with all the controls and functions necessary to satisfy the most demanding of radio amateurs, the quality of the materials used in its manufacture as well as its versatility and functionality will make you enjoy excellent radio moments while generating a healthy envy between his colleagues.
The MIDLAND 278 is a high quality electronic equipment, built with the best components. The circuitry is solid state mounted on sturdy printed circuit boards. Its design will allow you to work with this unit for many years, without any loss in its benefits.
The modern PLL circuit uses a new technique to generate the entire range of frequencies required with a minimum of crystals. The result is more efficient frequency control and unsurpassed reliability.

El MIDLAND 278 es un equipo electrónico de alta calidad, construido con los mejores componentes. La circuitería es de estado sólido montad sobre robustas placas de circuito impreso. Su diseño le permitirá trabajar con esta unidad durante muchos años, sin merma alguna eh sus prestaciones.

El moderno circuito PLL utiliza una nueva técnica para generar toda la gama de frecuencias requerida con un mínimo de cristales. El resultado es un control más eficiente de la frecuencia y una fiabilidad insuperable.

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Channels (see table)

Frequency range 26,565 27 .99125 MHz Work cycle (% in 1 hour) TX 5% RX 5% Stand by 90% Frequency control PLL Operating temperature range 10? C to 55? C
DC input voltage 12 .6 Vdc? 10%
Size 180 x 35 x 140 mm
Weight 0.850 Kg
 Control de frecuencia  PLL
 Gama de temperaturas de operación   10?C a 55 ?C
Reception system Superheterodyne dual conversion
Intermediate frequency
First FI: 10,695 MHz
Second FI: 455 KHz Sensibility
0.5 IN @ 20 dB SINAD in FM mode
0.5 IN @ 20 dB SINAD in AM mode
Output power of audio at 10% THD 2.0 W @ 8 Ohm
Audio distortion Less than 8% @ 1 KHz
Image rejection 65 dB
Rejection of adjacent channel 65 dB
Signal to noise ratio 45 dB
Standby consumption 250 mA
 Distorsión de audio  Menos de 8% @ 1 KHz
 Rechazo del canal adyacente  65 dB
Output power duty cycle 10% 4W
AM: from 85% to 95%
FM: 1.8 KHz? 0.2 KHz Frequency response From 400 Hz to 2.5 KHz RF output impedance 50 Ohms unbalanced
Signal-to-noise ratio 40 dB minimum
Consumption, max 2500 mA
     AM: desde 85% a 95%
     FM: 1.8 KHz ? 0.2 KHz
 Respuesta de frecuencia   Desde 400 Hz a 2.5 KHz
 Impedancia de salida   RF 50 Ohmios no balanceados
 Relación señal/ruido   40 dB mínimo
 Consumo  ,  max 2500 mA



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