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PELTOR MT10FL10 - Speakerphone and microphone built into the headset (plugs)

PELTOR MT10FL10 - Speakerphone and microphone built into the headset (plugs) With OraTac you can easily communicate with your two-way radio can hear your surroundings. Protect your ears from damaging noise, can maintain their ability to listen and ta more Manufacturer: peltor Reference MT10FL10

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mt10fl10 - altavoz y microfono incorporado en los auricular (tapones)

MT10FL10 - Speaker and Microphone built into the Headphones (earplugs)
With OraTac you can easily communicate with your two-way radio, you can hear your surroundings, protect your ears from harmful noise, you can maintain your ability to listen and speak. It is ideal for when you cannot use a microphone with Boom.

oratac Applications:
3M Peltor ORA TAC is designed for applications in a wide variety of industrial tasks exposed to high noise levels.

Average noise levels up to 95 dB
Hot and humid environments
In combination with masks, etc.
Standards and Approvals:
Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686 / EEC
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive EMC 2004/108 / EC

Technical specifications:
Power supply: 2x AAA 1.2-1.5 v battery
Operation time: 400h approx
Connector: Peltor Flex
Use temperature range: -32ºC and 55ºC
Storage temperature range: -32ºC to 63ºC

It includes:

1 Ora Tac MT10FL10
1 Instructions for use
2 Pairs of Ultrafit earplugs
2 "AAA" batteries

mt10fl10 - altavoz y microfono incorporado en los auricular (tapones)

It is necessary to adapt cable Walkies or telephone not included:
Valid for iPHONE, you need the cable (not included) ref. FL6U-66
Valid for Motorola DP3400, you need the cable (not included) ref. FL6U-63
Valid for Motorola GP640, 680, 1280, 320, 340, 360, 380, the cable (not included) is necessary ref. FL6U-32
Valid for Sepura SRP 2000 / SPM 3 * 000, you need the cable (not included) ref. FL6U-58
Valid for Sepura STP8000 series, the cable (not included) is necessary ref. FL6U-101
Valid for Kenwood 260/270, 360/370 LPD, TH22E PMR, etc. you need the cable (not included) ref. FL6U-36

Headphone Replacement (Earplugs)

PELTIP4-01 Ultrafit eartips
PELTIP5-01 Torque eartips

Download PDF:

Manual in PDF, in several languages English, Spanish, French, German, etc .. download >> here <<

mt10fl10 - altavoz y microfono incorporado en los auricular (tapones)

mt10fl10 - altavoz y microfono incorporado en los auricular (tapones)

1. Components and basic functions
1: A ON / OFF
To turn the OraTac unit on or off, press and hold the “” or “-” button for 3.
seconds minimum.
1: B PTT (Push-To-Talk) Push to talk.
To transmit, press one of the PTT switches while speaking.
1: C / - Intercom volume controls
To increase the volume, press the "" button.
To reduce the volume, press the “-” button.
NOTE: The radio listening level is adjusted with the radio volume control.
1: D Battery compartment
Automatic shutdown is activated after two hours of non-active use.
A warning signal is issued one minute before shutdown.
The two hour timer is reset by pressing the "" or "-" button.
1: E Jack for radiotelephone connector.
1: F In-ear headphones
In-ear headphones with Electret microphone.
An ambient microphone in each earphone to listen to the external environment in a way
safe. Two internal speakers to listen to the received audio.
2. Assembly
Open the OraTac box and check that it contains these items:
Two AAA batteries
Ear tips
2: A Mount the tips on the headphones.
2: B Connect the radio cable to the OraTac unit (to disconnect, press the button
small and set it aside).
2: C Insert the two AAA batteries as illustrated, with the positive terminals first.
2: D Connect the complete set to the radio.
3. Placement and adjustment
Inserting the earplugs
Earplugs should be inserted into the ears according to the R / L markings (right /
left) in the set.
Earplugs must be clean before inserting.
INSERT the rounded tip into the ear canal, PULLING AT THE SAME TIME
the ear out and up with the other hand.
See Figure 3: A.
ADJUST for optimal noise reduction.
CHECK THE LACE after inserting the cap:
PULL on the plug stem, gently. The plug should not come out easily from the ear. Yes
comes out easily, remove it and repeat the insertion.
LISTEN to a stable loud sound, with earplugs in both ears. Cover the
ears with cupped hands. The intensity of the sound should be the same with the ears
covered and uncovered.
If a good fit is not possible, try a different type of hearing protector.
CAUTION: For added comfort and safety, remove the cap slowly in one motion
rotary to break the seal gradually.
Cable routing options
The headphones include a slide that allows different routes of the cables according to the
user preferences:
3: B Straight down
3: C Over the ear, front
3: D Over the ear, behind


  • Attenuation Rating (HML) H = 25 M = 23 L = 22
    Attenuation Rating (SNR) 25 Decibel
    Battery Life 400 Hours
    Color Black
    Type of communication Level Dependent
    Flexible connection type
    Characteristics Level Function Dependent
    Hearing Protection type Bandage
    Net Weight 235 g
    OraTac Product Range
    Product Type Communication Headphones
    Standards / Approvals CE Approved
    Type of user Military and Police, Industry

4. Important user information
These hearing protectors help reduce exposure to dangerous noise and other sounds
powerful. If hearing protectors are used incorrectly or if they are not used every time they are
you are exposed to dangerous noise, there is a risk of hearing loss or damage to your hearing. Yes there are
ear drainage or if you have an ear infection, consult a doctor before use
earplugs. Otherwise, there is a risk of hearing loss or injury to the ear.
Batteries inserted in the wrong position can damage electronics. Never change
batteries with the unit turned on. Before turning on the unit, check that the terminals
and - the batteries are in the correct position. Change batteries when interference increases
or when the volume weakens.
Remove the batteries when the hearing protector is to be stored for a long time. Control the
operation of the unit after changing the batteries.
IMPORTANT !: Before inserting the earplugs, always check that the earplugs are
The volume of the connected radio, intercom system, or other equipment is
set low. Then adjust the volume to a comfortable level.
The hearing protector must be worn, adjusted, cleaned and maintained in accordance with the
instructions in this manual.
The hearing protector has level dependent attenuation. Before using the unit,
check that the attenuation works. If distortion or faults are detected, see the
maintenance and battery replacement instructions.
Always wear your hearing protector when exposed to dangerous noise.
Some chemicals can be harmful to this product. Consult with
the manufacturer for more information.
The hearing protector has an electrical audio input.
Before using the unit, check that it works correctly. If detected
distortion or failure, see manufacturer's instructions.
If the distortion of the sound increases or if the volume becomes too weak, it is necessary to
charge or change the batteries. Never change or insert batteries with the unit turned on.
Before using the product, check that the batteries are correctly inserted.
Store the product without batteries.
In extremely cold conditions, warm the hearing protector before use.
The user should ensure that the functionality of the earplugs is
inspect regularly.
Using the entertainment function may impair the audibility of your
warning signs in a specific workplace.
Performance may deteriorate with use of batteries.
Note: If these recommendations are not followed, attenuation may be impaired, with the
consequent risk of hearing loss.

The level dependent circuit output of this hearing protector may exceed the level
sonorous daily limit.
Performance may deteriorate with use of batteries. Typical continuous usage time that
can be expected from the product is 400 hours.

These earplugs should not be used when there is a risk that the connection cable
get caught during use.
If the recommendations for use, storage and maintenance described in this
instruction manual, the protection of earplugs can be seriously
5. Technical data
5: A Attenuation values, SNR. Ultrafit reusable communication ear tips
The nominal diameter range of earplugs is 8-12mm.
The attenuation values are tested and approved in accordance with the Directive
89/686 CEE on personal protective devices (PPE) and the applicable parts of
European standards EN 352-2: 2002 and EN 352-7: 2002. Certificate issued by FIOH,
Topeliuksenkatu 41, FI-00250 Helsinki, Finland ID # 0403.
Attenuation data tables explanation:
1. Weight
2. Frequency (Hz)
3. Average attenuation (dB)
4. Standard deviation (dB)
5. Expected attenuation (dB)
5: B Input signal level / usage time for audio input
The electrical audio input of the earplugs has been measured by an internal method
derived from the methods described in standard EN 352-6: 2002.
Maximum allowed audio signal in relation to usage time.
To prevent harmful effects on the ear, the input signal must not exceed the values
specified (mean sound level of speech). The long-term average value of the volume of
The earphone has been measured at a level corresponding to a sound level not exceeding 82 dB (A). The
electrical input level for which the mean sound pressure level plus a deviation
standard, related to an A-weighted diffusion field, is equal to 82 dB, it is a
RMS voltage U = 29 mV.
5: C Significance levels (G)
A significance level is the amount of noise (measured as a sound pressure level with
A-weighted) on the outside of the hearing protector, giving 85 dB (A) on the inside. The level of
noise depends on the type of noise. Level H corresponds to noise with a predominance of frequency
high, M to noise in which no given frequency predominates, and L to noise with
low frequency predominance.
5: D Battery type
2 x AAA 1.2–1.5 V
5: E Battery life: ~ 400 h (5% talk, 5% listen, 90% on time)
The expected life of the batteries may vary depending on the brand of the batteries and the temperature
in which the product is used. When the batteries are weak, a signal of 3 is generated
beeps every 10 seconds until batteries are changed.
5: F Storage and operating temperatures
Operating temperature: -32 ° C to 55 ° C
Storage temperature: between -32 ° C and 63 ° C
Storage humidity:? 85%
Expiration ? 5 years
5: G
Peltor OraTac complies with the requirements of Directive 2004/108 / EC on compatibility
electromagnetic (EMC) and has been tested in accordance with the applicable parts of the
standards: EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-8 and EN 61000-6-4.
6. Maintenance, cleaning and disposal
This product complies with the provisions of Directive 2002/96 / EC on waste of
electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and is recyclable. Dispose of the product in compliance
with national regulations.
Use a local recycling system for electronic products.
Keep the earplug openings clean of ear wax and dirt.
Wash the earplugs with mild soap and water, as needed.
Check all three ridges for tears or cracks.
Change hearing protectors if necessary.
7. Spare parts and accessories
Connection cables
Product code Radiotelephone
TAA13-T0299 ICOM F31 / F41
FL6U-35 ICOM IC-F3GS, GT51 / 61 F4GS, GT, etc., with angled connector
FL6U-31 ICOM IC-F3S, F4S, IC-E90, LPD06, PMR06 (with straight connector)
TAA19-T0299 ICOM F34 / F44
FL6U-36 Kenwood 260/270, 360/370 LPD, TH22E PMR, etc.
FL6U-21 Motorola GP300, CPO40
FL6U-32 Motorola GP640, 680, 1280, 320, 340, 360, 380
FL6U-61 Motorola Visar 3.5mm, GP344 / 388 via
Motorola adapter plug
AL3CB-T0299 Motorola GP900
TAA20-T0299 Motorola GP344 / GP388, GP328 / GP338
FL6U-32 Motorola TETRA MTH800 / MTP850
TAA22-T0299 Vertex VX160 / 400
FL6U-31 Zodiac PA2099 / PA1599 / PA5499 / PA5500 / P2400 various LPD / PMR
FL6U-58 Sepura SRP 2000 / SPM 3 * 000
FL6U-63 Motorola Mototrbo
Headphone reference
XH001679618 PELTIP4-01 Ultrafit eartips, 50 pairs
XH001679626 PELTIP5-01 Torque eartips, 50 pairs
3M does not accept any direct or consequential liability (including, but not limited to,
limited to, loss of profits, business and / or commercial fund) derived from the trust in
any information provided here by 3M. The user is responsible for determining
the suitability of the products for their intended use. No part of this statement is
will consider exclusive or restrictive of the responsibility of 3M for cases of death or
personal injury resulting from your negligence.

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