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VX-241 YAESU-VERTEX PINS KIT2 PMR446 walkie-free use, 16 channels Walkie...

VX-241 YAESU-VERTEX PINS KIT2 PMR446 walkie-free use, 16 channels Walkie Talkie free use professional! - Gift Pinganillo The new model Yaesu walkie talkie market arrive shortly to confirm its presence, this model will have multiple features, of whic more Reference VX241KIT2PINS

YAESU VVX-241-KIT2-PINS VERTEX walkie PMR446 uso libre, 16 canales Walkie Talkie de uso libre PROFESIONAL!! - Regalo Pinganillo
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Yaesu VX-241

YAESU VX241 PMR446 walkie-free use, 16 Channel Walkie Talkie free use professional! - Gift of Pinganillo

The need for communication has been growing in Spain in recent years. This evolution in our society has forced the increasing use of systems for personal and professional communication. The European Telecommunications Union has reserved a space use Radio license-free, ie, has "reserved" a range of frequencies that mandatory characteristics, 8 channels in the 446 MHz band with a maximum ERP of 500mW , allows the use of portable transceivers with the same antenna inseparable. In Spain this standard is called A-110.


VERTEX YAESU as one of the most prestigious companies in the world Radio, Comes developing equipment compact easy to handle and extremely resistant . The latest model compliance teams joined A-110 is the is the VX-241E.

Your low weight and compact size for easy transport and use in professional applications . The Robust (performance standards MIL 810 C, D, E) allow for intensive use in professional environments of high wear while simplifying its management to unskilled users. Thanks to its battery included as standard equipment, high capacity 1380 mAh lithium ion, the team offers a broad operational autonomy than other competitive models, working up to 14 hours without recharging cycle continued 5/5/90 .

Includes CTCSS and DCS series. The 16-position switch enables us to have the 8 channels of the standard and repeating some undertones channels defined in the other 8 positions with other undertones providing greater opportunities for communication. Another of its important features is Automatic ARTS coverage checker, VERTEX registered with the ARTS will always know if the user is in coverage with your correspondents to use applications where we can use our VX-241E are really huge, industrial applications , security, hunting, hiking, leisure, hospitality, paragliding etc.


Kit Contents Vertex VX-241E

  • 2 Walkie Talkie Yaesu VX-241E
  • 2 Li-Ion Battery FNB-V103LIA (7.4V 1380 mAh)
  • 2 belt clip (CLIP-18)
  • 2 Charger (CD34 PA-42C)
  • 2 Headset Pin-29-2Y

yaesu vx-351

Operation ARTS

Front yaesu vx-241

walkie yaesu vx351

Side view - PTT Button

Side view free use walkie Yaesu VX-241

Connection to accessories

walkie yaesu vx351

Top view - channels and volume control

walkie yaesu vx351

Bottom View - System battery extraction

walkie yaesu vx351

Charge Procedure

walkie yaesu vx351

Charger subministrado in kit

walkie yaesu vx351


  • * 8 channel PMR446 channels with rotational stop 16
  • 2 programmable side buttons
  • Connector Accessories
  • revolving selection button Channel
  • power and volume button.
  • larger side PTT
  • LED tricolor
  • Covers PVC resistant to unfavorable situations
  • Tx battery saver
  • 810 MIL CDEF
  • IP Regulations -55
  • Channel Programmable
  • CTCSS / DCS 50 DCS codes 104
  • Scanner
  • ARTS (coverage verification system)

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