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MIDLAND G7-PRO Blister 2 complete Walkies !! SPECIAL CAR SCHOOL !!

MIDLAND G7-PRO Blister 2 complete Walkies !! SPECIAL CAR SCHOOL !! Special kit for school cars, it is composed of two walkies, one for the teacher and the other for the student. 1 walkie for teacher is composed of 1 walkie + speaker microphone more Manufacturer: midland Reference G7KITX2AUTOESCUELA

163,35 incl. VAT
135,00€ w/o VAT
Delivery price from 30,25€
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The MIDLAND G7-PRO Blister 2 is a special communication kit designed for driving schools, consisting of two complete walkie-talkies. It is designed so that the teacher and the student can maintain clear and effective communication during driving classes, facilitating instruction and instructions during road practice.

The kit consists of the following elements:

Walkie-talkie for the teacher:
This walkie-talkie includes the G7-PRO model, which is a quality communication device, capable of offering sufficient range for communication over short to medium distances. A MIA 115-S speaker-microphone is also included, which allows for more comfortable and practical communication, since it can be held by hand.

Walkie-talkie for the student:
This walkie-talkie is also of the G7-PRO model and comes with the KIM6655-S earpiece. The earpiece is designed to be compatible with both open and closed helmets, providing a discreet and efficient way to receive instruction from your teacher while riding.

In summary, this special kit for driving schools is a complete communication solution that allows a direct interaction between the teacher and the student while they practice driving. Walkie-talkies technology and included accessories ensure smooth, uninterrupted communication, which is essential for a safe and effective driving school learning experience.

Walkie-talkie para el profesor: Este walkie-talkie incluye el modelo G7-PRO, que es un dispositivo de comunicación de calidad, capaz de ofrecer un alcance suficiente para la comunicación en distancias cortas a medianas. También se incluye un micrófono-altavoz MIA 115-S, que permite una comunicación más cómoda y práctica, ya que se puede colocar en la ropa para tener las manos libres mientras se habla.

kit content
  • 2 walkies Midland G7PRO
  • 2 Batteries
  • 2 Belt clips
  • 1 double desktop charger.
  • 1 12v cigarette lighter charger.
  • 1 Microphone and speaker MIA115S
  • 1 KIM66S motorcycle earpiece for open and closed helmet with 1 button to put on the handlebar with velcro.

Walkie-talkie para el alumno: Este walkie-talkie también es del modelo G7-PRO y viene con el pinganillo KIM6655-S. El pinganillo está diseñado para ser compatible tanto con cascos abiertos como cerrados, lo que proporciona una manera discreta y eficiente de recibir las instrucciones del profesor mientras se conduce.


  • Channels 19 PMR446
  • VOX system
  • Tones 38 CTCSS tones and 104 DCS codes
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Automatic Squelch
  • keyboard lock
  • 2 Pin Midland accessory socket
  • Power output PMR446 500
  • Roger Beep
  • DualWatch
  • Call + Vibracall
  • Unit dimensions LxWxD58x122x34 mm
  • Unit weight 123g

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