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COMET CS290P coaxial protector N male / female

Protector COMET original coaxial connector N male and N female connector more Reference CS290P

CS290P COMET protector coaxial N macho/hembra
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COMET coaxial protector N male / female

COMET CS290P coaxial protector N male / female

COMET CS290P coaxial protector N male / female

COMET CS290P coaxial protector N male / female

The lightning protector is designed to protect your transceiver and / or recipients of a discharge current of high amperage produced by a lightning strike near his installation, provided you have done and correct connection a grounding.


When the protector detects a large increase in current or voltage, it automatically directs you to the ground avoiding overloading of equipment.

Great ability to withstand high currents in a compact size.

Great time, thousands of potential downloads.

Extremely sensitive to any excess supply.

Lightning Protector made from a coaxial core low insertion loss and wide bandwidth

How to use:

1.-To properly use the protector must be installed between the coaxial cables and / or as close to the transceiver / receiver.

2 .- For a correct connection terminal grounding, use copper wire of 2.5 to 3mm in diameter. The end of the copper wire grounding, should be buried to a minimum depth of 1 meter. Or connection to ground and effectively verified.

3 .- The protector is not water resistant for outdoor use must be properly protected by a waterproof case or similar.

4 .- Figure 1 shows a recommended installation using two guards and three grounding points, providing great protection against shock.

Connector: AL / NR

Frequency range :----

:---- Insertion Loss

Impedance: ---

--- VSWR

Maximum power: ---

Minimum Voltage Radiation: ---

Minimum Voltage Shock Wave (40 1x) us: ---

Ta Minimum Current Shock Wave (1x40) us: ---

Minimum Repeat Shock Wave (1x 40) or 500 descarg./503A ---

Isolation 100 VDC: ---

Measures mm.: 86x41x20

Weight: 130g


To give the tower a properly grounded, connect to it using copper wire (preferably) or Lumini very thick in order to maintain an earth resistance measurement less than 10 co


COMET CS290P coaxial protector N male / female