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HYPERFLEX-5 M&P Cable Coaxial alta calidad profesional Diametro 5,4 mm

HYPERFLEX-5 M&P Cable Coaxial alta calidad profesional Diametro 5,4 mm. Vivo trenzado 3,8 mm Revolucionando los estándares del mercado, el nuevo M & P HYPERFLEX 5 se convierte en el punto de referencia internacional para cables de 5,4 mm en atenua more Manufacturer: m&p Reference HYPERFLEX5

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HYPERFLEX-5 M & P Professional high quality Coaxial Cable Diameter 5.4 mm. Live stranded 3.8 mm
Revolutionizing market standards, the new M & P HYPERFLEX 5 becomes the international benchmark for 5.4 mm cables in attenuations, flexibility and shielding efficiency.
The best in its class for:
Extreme flexibility: a sophisticated copper center conductor (19 cables instead of 7) guarantees a perfect connection between the cable.
New dielectric redesign: exceptional attenuation of up to 6 Ghz, better than many of the unique conductor cables of the competition.
Detection efficiency:> 105 dB (SA), and greater resistance, obtained by adding 24 more cables to the braid, for a total of 120 cables.
Light weight: 4.4 Kg / 100 m, to reduce stress on the cable connected to the antenna "hanging and swinging".
Excellent power management management!
The outer protective cover is made of black PVC, resistant to UV rays.


Examples lost in dB every 100 meters:
dB / 100m
Frequency 3.5 Mhz 1.91 dB
Frequency 144 Mhz 9.66 dB
Frequency 430 Mhz 16.37 dB
Frequency 1296 Mhz 30,50 dB
Frequency 2400 Mhz 42.58 dB

HYPERFLEX-5 M&P Cable Coaxial alta calidad profesional Diametro 5,4 mm. Vivo trenzado 3,8 mm. Flexibilidad extrema: un conductor central de cobre sofisticado ( 19 cables en lugar de 7 )


  • Nominal impedance Ohms 50 Ohm
  • Minimum bend radius OUT / IN 50/25 mm
  • Installation temperature -40 ° to 60 ° C
  • Operating Temperature -45 ° to 75 ° C
  • Capacitance / - 2 pF / m 74 pF / m
  • Resistance of the outer conductor 14 Ohm / Km
  • Resistance of the internal conductor 11 Ohm / Km
  • Detection efficiency 100-2000 MHZ> 105 dB
  • Weight (100 m) 4.4 Kg
  • 85% Speed ??Ratio
  • MAX Peak power 29 WATT
  • Voltage test (spark test) 4 kV

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