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SIRTEL SRTW-195BCM CB Antenna 27 Mhz replacement for ALAN 42 and INTEKH...

The SIRTEL SRTW-195BCM antenna is a citizen band (CB) antenna operating on the 27 MHz frequency. It is designed as a replacement for the ALAN 42 and INTEK H 520 portable radio models. The length of the antenna is 19 cm, which is quite compact and sui more Manufacturer: sirtel Reference SRTW195BNCM EAN 8435371916414

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The SRTW-195-BC-M antenna is a Citizens Band (CB) antenna operating on the 27 MHz frequency. It is designed as a replacement for the ALAN 42 and INTEK H 520 portable radio models. antenna is 19 cm, which is quite compact and suitable for portable use.
The SRTW-195-BC-M uses a male BNC connector to connect to the radio. The BNC connector is a type of easy mating and unmating coaxial connector, commonly used in radio and communications applications.
It is important to note that the SRTW-195-BC-M antenna is specifically designed for use in the 27 MHz CB frequency band and is compatible with the aforementioned models (ALAN 42 and INTEK H 520). SRTW-195-BC-M uses a standard BNC connector, it may be compatible with other 27 MHz walkie-talkies that also have the same type of antenna connector. The male BNC connector is widely used in radio and communications equipment, so there may be compatibility with other devices that share the same connector standard. If you are considering using the SRTW-195-BC-M with other walkie-talkies I would recommend checking the antenna connector specifications of those devices to make sure they are compatible with the ANT-42's BNC connector. It is also important to note that antenna performance can vary depending on the design and build quality of different models of walkie-talkies. SRTW-195-BC-M

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  • 50 ohm impedance: The antenna is designed to match an impedance of 50 ohms, which is the common standard for most radio and communications equipment.
  • Flexible Antenna: The SRTW-195-BC-M features a flexible design, making it resistant to shock and vibration, as well as making it easy to transport and store.
  • 19cm Length: The antenna has a total length of 19cm, making it a compact and portable option for use with walkie-talkies.
  • Male BNC Connector: The antenna is equipped with a male BNC connector, which is widely used in radio and communication equipment for its ease of use and secure connection.
  • Weight of 26 grams: The SRTW-195-BC-M is a lightweight antenna, making it convenient for use in portable devices such as walkie-talkies.
  • Steel and rubber spring material: The antenna is made of a steel spring and covered with rubber, which gives it flexibility and durability.
  • Black Color: The SRTW-195-BC-M is finished in black, giving it an understated, professional look.
  • 27 MHz Operating Frequency: The antenna is tuned to operate in the 27 MHz frequency band, commonly used on CB radios and walkie-talkies.
  • Compatible replacement: SRTW-195-BC-M compatible with the ALAN 42 and INTEK H 520 models, which makes it a convenient option if you need to replace the original antenna of any of these equipment.
  • Easy installation: Thanks to its male BNC connector, the antenna can be easily installed and uninstalled, which facilitates its use and maintenance.

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