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Walkie double band VHF/UHF KENWOOD TH-F7E

Walkie double band VHF/UHF KENWOOD TH-F7E


Referencia: THF7E


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Easy handling
With the TH-F7 one highly prioritizes to easy handling, comfortable and coverall an intuitive game of menus. Simple Thus, each operation becomes to drive with the thumb of the control multi-scroll with not need to turn aside the attention of the screen. Unlike the control of the TH-D7E, the one of the TH-F7E it is resembled but to the philosophy of joystick reason why AT not moment it is necessary to separate the thumb of the control, of form similar to the movable control key of some telephones. It also incorporates to keyboard of 16 keys ergonomically spaced and illuminated for the operation in light absence.

Double Band
2 The TH-F7E there plows bands: the main band or Band To and the sub-band or Band B. Although the main band covers the bands with 2 ms (144 MHz) and from 70 cm (430 MHz) in way FM, the sub-band or Band B it receives signals between the following margins: to under that 2 signals band even in the same dog sees received simultaneously. In addition, an internal ferrite bar is gotten up to for chassis that makes the function of antenna emissions of signals of broadcasting in A.M. In fact, to transceiver exchanges automatically to this antenna when they choose in the Sub Band B 10 frequencies below MHz. This way, it is possible to sees listening to radio to transmitter by the band B, AT the same Time that is used to standard channel by band A. When signals by the bands received To plows being and B simultaneously dog adjust the balance they bands between both. Possible Under that by the volume level it is to sees distinguished what band is the one that is being received.

To display LCD him the brightness and the resistance dog sees controlled, and gives information detailed about the present frequency (in double size in marries of way monkey-band, for to greater facility of reading), information of the channel of memory, the present way of work, to power output (high-low-very loss), of state of scan, blockade of indicating innovator ace well ace keys, function keys multi-level of the battery state.

Another important innovation is theIo'n-Lithium battery, allowing to greater durability than those of Neither-CD. Also it allows to 4 sees EDF with alkaline batteries if it is desired, by means of to adapter BT-13. The fact that is very interesting it incorporates his own circuit of load, reason why the to transceiver dog sees used while it is being loaded (DC to 13,8 V) through to adapter AC that is provided, or through the connector type to burner marries of traveling in automobile.

Channels of Memory and Scan Manifold
Other specifications very to consider plows the 400 channels of memory and the you complete rank of functions of scan that it incorporates): The Type of Scan allows to sweep to wished band or to rank of frequencies specified; in way memory it is possible to scan all the channels of memory that have recorded frequencies or only the groups of channels of scan previously created (up to 8 groups of they scan of to maximum of 50 channels each one). 



The TH-F7 allows to DES/to codify up to 42 subtones CTCSS (analogical subtone) or 104 DCS (digital subtone) independent for each channel. DES/Coder tones DTMF (Dual Tone Modulation Frequency) with keyboard of 16 keys with possibility of blockade for manual bearing or with to maximum of 10 memorised bearings.
Extinguished automatic of to transceiver to after 30 min. without operation on the keyboard and receiving signals
Economizer of battery consumption
Timer of transmission TOT
Inhibitor For Nonauthorized of transmission terminals
Adjustable Function VOX with gain, automatically to to enter transmission of when detecting beginning conversation. For it the you use of microphones HMC-3 or KHS-21 is necessary.
Connector of entrance of micro formable to loudspeaker for External applications: functions SP/MIC by defect, for TNC transmission of packets from 1200 to 9600 bps with the help of an For External TNC and PC the programming of the channels of memory from PC.

Sub Band B (Margin Way)
100 KHz - 470 MHz /SSB CW A.M. FM
470 MHz - 1,3 GHz /AM FM

58 With 87 BT-13 xs xs 38 mm (wide x high deep x)
58 With 87 PB-42L xs xs 30 mm (wide x high deep x)
Without battery 58 xs 87 xs 29 mm (wide x high deep x)



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