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Call us [+34] 938.616.372. Hours from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and 15:30 to 18:30.



TS2000E2 TS2000E2 TS2000E2 TS2000E2 TS2000E2 TS2000E2 TS2000E2

Referencia: TS2000E2


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ref: TS 2000 E2


The new transceiver multibanda every manner TS 2000 E2 of Kenwood can being compact but estequipado with all the features that expect find in a team of primerísima quality.





Processing of Signal Digital IF
The TS 2000/B2000 has a behavior very efficacious as for the processed of signals digital. The technology digital advanced of Kenwood turns signals analogic into digitalises in real time allowing a processing digital as the filtering IF, the tone of pending, the depression rectangular automatic and the AGC. EL DSP of stage IF in the reception and transmission of band main %u2013 include the bands V/ UHF %u2013 allows the bigger border of control and a performance without precedings.

Detection DSP
DSP of stage IF means that the TS 2000/B2000 offers a detection with a distortion significativamente more shorter and a quality significativamente more higher in all the manners (FM: Filter AF digital )

Filtering Digital
Not is absolutely no need of buy filters optional: One has filters IF digital for each one of the manners (FM: Filter AF digital) offering a performance above to any other possible with circuitry analogic. To the make work the manners SSB/ FM/ AM this filtering digital allows so a variation of frequency of cut high as goes down. Using the tone of pending can eliminate the noise with an effect minimum in the quality of the sound. In the manner AM the frequency of cut high can reduce the interference controlling in bandwidth i passing of IF %u2013 useful to receive emissions shortwave. In the manner CW, the function WIDTH estcomplementada by the displacement of frequencies central, allowing that the interference of the signals adjacent is desintonizada. This function WIDTH also provides capacities of reduction of noise in FSK with 4 steps available: 250, 500, 1.000 and 1.500Hz. And thanks to the DSP from stage AF, the control independent of the frequencies of cut high and casualty (12 steps each one of them) provides also a capacity of tone of slope in FM.


Detection with DSP
With the process of DSP the TS 2000 provides a relation signal noise significativamente more best than a circuit analogic comparable with less distortion and bigger quality of detection. 


Depression Rectangular Automatic IF
Given that estfuncionando with a signal digital, the Depression Rectangular Automatic IF (band main, manner SSB) can provide a filtering extraordinarily accurate of the frequencies carrier of the emission and the sources of beat continuous. The beat interferente is extracted from a way much more more accurate than in the systems analogic conventional and the Depression Rectangular Automatic even track them changes of the signal of beat (the speed of tracking can vary one in 5 steps.)


The circuit AGC digital (only band main) offers some features of emission very fast going beyond even to the better designs analogic. You can select a time of emission to measurement (20 steps) for each one of the manners excepting FM.

Design Advanced
Processing of Signal Digital AF
The DSP also one runs in the stage AF offering the functions of Cancellation of Beat and Tone Automatic CW. Also him allows manage join important reduction of the noise and apply improvements to sized to his voice transmitted.

Cancellation of Beat
The Cancellation of Beat Automatic, available stops the band main (manners SSB and AM), eliminates immediately beats multiple interferentes with a signal wished. Works well in combination with the Depression Rectangular Automatic IF (SSB.)

Cancellation of Beat Manua l  
A new function of Cancellation of Beat Manual that works as a depression rectangular AF manual can be used one in all the manners %u2013 though is particularly efficient in CW.


Tone Automatic CW
You yet not has to fit plus the VFO during esttrabajando in CW %u2013 the Tone Automatic CW him makes by you automatically fitting the VFO to his tone previously adjusted pressing a key.

Reduction of Noise
Is 2 kinds of reduction of noise: LEM (NR1) and SPAC (NR2.) The LEM (Method Mejorador of Line) %u2013 available for all the manners in the band main and FM/ AM in the sub band %u2013 forms automatically a shape of filter around the signal objective to obtain a capacity of reduction of noise dynamic, to measurement. The grade of improvement also can fit one manually for the use in the band main. The function SPAC (Correlation Automatic/ Processed of Voice) uses an algorithm of correlation/ statistical special for extract signals weak that are masked in the bottom of the noise. In spite of the fact that estdisponible for all the manners in the band main is especially useful to conditions of CW last. The tightening of time of correlation can notice one 10 steps between 2ms and 20ms.

Modelling of Audio TX
Exist 3 ways to personalize the quality of audio with the DSP: The equalizer TX/ RX (SSB/ FM/ AM,) the bandwidth of filter TX (SSB/ AM) and the processor of voice (SSB/ FM/ AM.) The equalizer TX/ RX offers 4 positions of answer in frequency in SSB, FM and AM: Intensifier of frequencies high for a better clearness go formante to minimize the sounds external intensifier of frequencies short to obtain a sound more more intense and manner conventional to obtain a sound %u201Canalógico%u201D. In the transmission of SSB and AM you can choose between 6 positions of bandwidth of filter TX according to his requirements of functioning and microphone. The processor of voice works in three bands (SSB, FM and AM) to obtain a compression high and a distortion minimum.


Major Potencia and Performance
Tone of Group DX (Group of Packages )
The TNC of 2 chips simple complies with the protocol AX.25 of tone of group DX. The information about group DX received in the sub band not only appears in the viewer of glass liquid: Also can be used one to fit instantanelously the frequency of band main to information about group. Can store one until 10 units of information in memory.

Listening on Canal Double
The supply of sub bands and band main allows the listening on canal double. This tuner multibanda every manner can receive from way simultaneous two frequencies even in the same band allowing combinations as HF + V/ UHF; VHF + VHF; UHF + UHF and VHF + UHF (the sub band one is used exclusivamente for the reception of 144/430MHz in FM/ AM.) This means for example that you can obtain information local in V/ UHF operand with HF in the band main. 

Communications Path Satellite  
The operations path satellite have been enhanced with the IF DSP, 10 canals from dedicated the tightening of frequencies with effect Doppler (manual) and the capacity of choose between displacement normal or reverse for the tracking.

Section of Transmitter of Big Performance  
This transmitter receiving is the election perfect for applications of FSK, mobiles and answer delivering until 100 (AM:25) watios in the bands of HF/ 50/144MHz. The exit is of 50 (AM:12%u20195) watios in the band of 430MHz and 10 (AM:2%u20195) watios in 1.200MHz. But not is only power: The TCXO built-in insures a stability of frequency excellent - +-0%u20195ppm (excepting in manner FM.) * The exit minimum is of 5 watios for the bands of HF/ 50/144/430MHz, 1 watio for 1.200MHz.

Besides the new function of Tone Automatic is a complete range of features CW. The tightenings of time of retard and connection of semi interruption/ interruption complete are completely adjustable. In semi interruption the time of retard between the liberation of the key and the manner of reception current can fit one between 50ms and 1.000ms. To the use the functioning VOX the time of retard can get adjusted one between 150ms and 3.000ms. Between other features CW one include the control of tone (400-1.000Hz), the control of tone lateral with tightening of volume of 10 steps, the tightening of time of rise based on DSP and the manner reverse CW.

Features FSK  
To the work in manner FSK, can select frequencies of displacement (170, 200, 425 and 850Hz) and connect so the polarity of TECLA like the tones High/ Short stops adapt one to his device RTTY. Besides the function reverse FSK him allows adapt the methods of transmission to the other part if necessary for example changing the frequency BFO LSB (normal) to USB (reverse.)


Characteristic of Communication of Data
The bandwidth of the filter of packages is completely seleccionable to adapt one to the speed of the packages and you also can connect the levels of entry/ exit ACC2 (PKD.) Stops the manner PSK31 the menofrece a filter of IF DSP with bandwidth of 100Hz.


Ease of Functioning Improved
Tuner of Aerial Automatic
The tuner of aerial built-in %u2013 that also works when the radio esten the manner of reception %u2013 covers the bands of fondness between 1%u20199 and 50MHz, with blockade of tuning quickly to that use preajustes.

300 Canals of Memory
This transceiver provides a bank of 300 memories (more 1 canal than call for each one of the bands) with 290 assignable by name and 10 available for the searching programmable. The function of advance and go back him allows see the contents of the memory, the copy of canal of memory sends the content of a canal to other, the memory of blockade changes the map of searching to exclude certain canals and the displacement of memory modifies the frequency stored in a canal. Besides is 10 memories %u201Crápidas%u201D to capture an operation current to the flight %u2013 ideal for the functioning of answer.

Functions of Searching Multiple
One provides a range complete of functions of searching including searching of MHz, searching of memory and searching of call. The manner of searching of group covers all the 300 canals of memory in groups of 10 and the searching of band programmable buscaruna dispersion of frequency between two tightenings of VFO (the function detention of the searching stops the searching during 5 seconds.) Joins new feature is the searching slow programmable, that automatically reduce her speed to check a band of frequencies in which estinteresado. Ascomo vary the speed of tracking, can choose between occupied detention resumption enabled by time (TO) or operated by bearer (CO.)

System of Men/FONT>
Can accede one to all the power and to all the functions of the TS 2000/B2000 by the interface of viewer operated by mendel panel front. Also can activate one the characteristic of MenRápido to accede only to the functions used more habitualmente.


Other Features
Viewer of glass liquid with light of bottom of amber, big
Keys front with light of bottom
Compatible with unit of recording digital DRU 3A optional
Advertisement of functioning of key with sintetizador of voice VS 3 (optional )
Pf keys programmable
Converter of current (displays until 19%u201999999GHz )
Control of profit of RF
Silencer with all the manners
Searching visual simple
Checker simplex automatic
Deviation of booster station automatic (144MHz )
Manipulator built-in
Suppressor of noises



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