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Call us [+34] 938.616.372. Hours from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and 15:30 to 18:30.

1650-001-110 Suitcase of Black protection, without foam. WITH WHEELS

1650-001-110 Suitcase of Black protection, without foam. WITH WHEELS


Referencia: 1650001110 (PELI)

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434,51 incl. VAT

359,10€ w/o VAT

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ref: 1650001110

1620 001 110 Suitcase of Black protection, without foam WITH WHEELS

Resistant, it suspends to to water and the dust, resistant to chemical substances and the corrosion. These plows some of the particularitities of this Peli suitcase that offers Total for Protection its equipment. Made in ultraresistant to structuralcopolymer to the impacts, which makes of to her an extremely resistant and lasting product. Their exclusively Ring of sealed of neoprenoof 6,4 mm and closings ABS guarantees to perfect one sealed. Equal It includes to purge valve to the pressures quickly when these vary. It you eat equipped with wheels of hard to rubber transport of 5 cm, to tensile handle and multiple folding handles of subjection. Its equipment will perfectly adjust to its foam of HD quilted or separators, that will try total subjection and protection against impacts, vibrations or blows to him. For It includes plate his yam, that you will sees able to personalize (the engraving there are an additional COST).

This suitcase there are to code of NATO and there are surpassed the test THOUSAND C-4150J (standard military man), IP-67 (Ingress Protection) and TIES (Association of Aerial Transport). For Unconditional guarantee? always.







72,4cm x 44, m x 26,7 cm
78,1 cm x 52,1 cm x 29,5 cm


4,7 cm
21,9 cm
Salt to water fleet with to load of 82,1 kg.

#1651 - spare part foam Game (4 pieces)
#1655 - Game of quilted separators
#1659 - Organizing to cover photographs


- IP67 (Ingress Protection, index 67). It makes reference to the protection against solid particles (first to number) and liquid (second to number). Therefore, 6 piss resistant to dust (being 6 the maximum index) and 7, to the immersion (being the 8 the maximum index, that corresponds to indefinite immersion).

Certification STANAG 4280 - DEF STAN 81-41. It pleases to U.S. to communicate to him that all oursuitcases (except for the range Micro of You marry) have successfully surpassed to diver extremely demanding tests of vibration, losses temperatures, dry heat and impact. In addition, all our suitcases count on the certification of Norms STANAG 4280 - DEF STAN 81-41. In order to obtain dwells data, his distributor or supplierpngase in contact with.

- THERE AM TIES (Air Transportation Association). For Specific certification the packing destined to air lines. It proves the suitcase like U.S.able container during to minimum of 100 trips around the world. It measures the resistance to impacts and falls.

- THOUSAND C-4150J. Certification of for American army maletras in the followingconditions: piling up, fall, immersion and humidity.