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Walkie Talkie MOTOROLA TETRA monoband 350-430 Mhz + GPS + BLUETOOTH

MTP3250 MOTOROLA TETRA 350-430 Mhz The MTP3250 with enriched functions, including GPS, offers a complete package of TETRA services, along with the incorporation of a full keyboard. Bluetooth connectivity offers greater versatility for accessories and more Manufacturer: motorola Reference MTP3250


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MTP 3250

MTP3250 MOTOROLA TETRA 350,430 Mhz Li Ion 1650 mAh battery long antenna.
The MTP3250 with rich functions including GPS, provides a full suite of TETRA services along with the addition of a full keyboard. Bluetooth connectivity provides greater flexibility for devices and accessories collaboration. This radio TETRA is optimized for excellent audio performance and durability when used in all kinds of situations demanding much noise and where user safety is paramount. This terminal incorporates a new side connector for greater resistance. Providing more power increases the range and performance within buildings, therefore, Motorola has added the option power output Class 3L (1.8 W). Along with high sensitivity reception, MTP3250 has the ability to maintain communications in situations more exigentes.MTP3150 MOTOROLA TETRA 350,430 Mhz Li Ion 1650 mAh battery long antenna.

The Motorola TETRA portable radio MTP3250 offers high performance and reliability required to achieve greater employee productivity and user safety guaranteed. Taking advantage of the best features of a two-way radio public security, MTP3250 has been designed to ensure loud and clear communications even in working environments with high noise level.

Created to last
The MTP3250 has been made with the highest quality levels and exceeds all 11 categories of MIL 810. In addition, like all Motorola TETRA radios, the MTP3250 is designed to pass a life test accelerated simulating over 5 years of use. These tests ensure that will withstand the toughest conditions and provide durability that will help reduce operating costs and maintenance.

mtp3150 motorola tetra 350 430 mhz bateria li ion 1650 mah antena larga.

Interface simple but powerful user

To minimize the costs of staff training, the MTP3250 has a cell phone user interface style that is immediately familiar. It also includes a screen that can support 26.200k bright colors and large scalable fonts. The utility increases even more thanks to a customizable menu and a full numeric keypad that combine to make interaction with the device quick and intuitive.

Unified communications, integrated security

Modes core operation and conventional
Interconnection PABX and PSTN duplex and full
Functions emergency call and safety of employees
GPS Optional integrated for employee tracking
GPS Optional integrated to track employees
A device for communications all reviews

The radius MTP3250 advantage of all the benefits of digital TETRA technology to boost productivity and employee safety. These include exceptional audio quality with full duplex services, PABX and PSTN interconnection, individual and group calls, priority and emergency services, short data and voice calls location. The MTP3250 also has the inherent protection of TETRA digital signaling. Along with the function of mutual authentication, the MTP3250 provides secure communications platform. Needless to say that the Motorola radios are designed for reliability and assistance, regardless of how complicated the task to be developed.

Kit Contents
  • 1 walkie MTP 3250
  • 1 Battery
  • 1 Charger Desktop
  • 1 Antenna

mtp3150 motorola tetra 350 430 mhz bateria li ion 1650 mah antena larga.


  • IP 65 standard, IP67
  • State of emergency
  • Programmable by PC
  • Compatibility gateway or repeater
  • 2048 Groups
  • Frequency band 350 470 MHz
  • Power 3L 1.8 w. Class 4 1 w.
  • Dimensions 124 x 53 x 33.5 mm
  • Simple keyboard

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