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The AOR-ONE is one of the most complete communications receivers on the market, offering us maximum coverage with all analog reception modalities, all in the minimum space. Other receivers of its benefits are up to 5 times more voluminous more Manufacturer: aor Reference ARONE

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AOR- ONE is to one of but the completes receivers of communications ofthe market, offering to U.S. maximum to cover with all the modalities ofanalogica reception, all it in minimum space. Other receivers of to their benefits plows up to 5 voluminous times but. It is why it you have been eleccionadoAOR ARONEs by to diver public organisms and demanding Armed Forcesof countries but. 10 It 3,3 is the first to receiver of the world that offers to continuousreception from khz to analogical Ghz in any way of recpcion. The AOR-ONE dyes an oscillator of carries far-stable frequency, proporcionandonos to precision of less than 0,1 ppm. This gives to high degree him of reliability, single similar to thefound equipment of measurement in laboratories. It there are up to 100 channels of memory that allow to perfect organizationus of the wished frequencies but. The increases of frequencies plows programmable up to 1 Hertz. It incorporates up to 2 ports series RS-232 C. They dog sees connected up to 99 AOR-ONE with single PC. It allows adjustment of BFO, its sensitivity is extraordinary thus likeits high level of interception of frequencies nonwished. Aside from S-putting, it incorporates to measurer of signal of antennain numerical VALUEs (dBm or dbu). Signal The level dog sees sent through port series RS-232.


Reception: Superheterodyne Tripe conversion
Rank of frequencies: 10 Khz to 3,3 Ghz
Channels of memory: 1000 channels
I to number of VFOS: 10 VFOs
Ways of reception: A.M., nfm, wfm, wfm, usb, lsb, cw, DATA
Precision: 0,1 ppm
Sensitivity: -
A.M. mode: -10dB S/N
NFM mode: -12dB SINAD
CW/SSB mode: -10dB S/N)
10 ~ 40 KHz: 223 CW uV
40 ~ 100 KHz: A.M. -4ÜV, CW -1ÜV
100 KHz ~ 40 MHz: A.M. 2üV,
2 ~ 40 MHz: A.M. -1ÜV, SSB/CW -07UV, NFM -089UV
40 MHz ~1 GHz: A.M. -089UV, SSB/CW -0ÛV, NFM -0ÜV, WFM -1ÜV
1 GHz ~ 25 GHz: A.M. -07UV, SSB/CW -03ÙV, NFM -0ÛV, WFM -1ÜV
25 GHz 33 GHz: A.M. -09UV, SSB/CW -03ÜV, NFM -0ÜV, WFM -1ÜV
Intermediate frequencies: -
1 º: 754 Mhz/265 Mhz
2ª: 10,7 Mhz
3 ª: 455 Khz
Jumps of frequency: 1, 10, 50, 100, 500 Hertz
- 1, 5, 625, 9, 10, 125, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100, 500 KHz
Jumps standard: Less than 1 Mhz (with increases of 1 Hertz)
Sensitivity to espureas: 60 dB >
Adyancente Selectivity channel: 55 dB >
Strong rank: 90 db >
Emission of espureas nonwished: -57 dB <
Stability of frequencies: - 0,1 ppm (- 10 - 50 ºC)
Audio Exit of: 1,5 W (on 8 Distortion ohms armonica< 10%)
Feeding: 13,5 V DC
Impedance of antenna 50 ohms
Exit of FI level: -20 dBm (10,7 Mhz or 455 Khz)
Interface of control: 9600 RS-232 C up to bps
Temperature of uses: -10 to 50 º C
Dimensions: 157 mm X 58 mm X 270 mm
Weight: 2,2 kg