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MOTOROLA DP3441 Professional digital walkie VHF 136-174 GPS and Bluetooth

MOTOROLA DP3441 Professional digital walkie VHF 136-174 GPS and Bluetooth more Manufacturer: motorola Reference DP3441VHF

840,95 incl. VAT
695,00€ w/o VAT
Delivery price from 30,25€
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GET durability AGUANTE


The MOTOTRBO radios are designed to last and are backed by a standard warranty of two years, with a 1 year warranty for batteries and accessories Motorola. In addition, Service from the Start provides tranquility for several years with fast repair expert phone support and access to the latest updates software1; all backed by the infrastructure of integrated globalde form Motorola, highly qualified support technicians ye repair facilities certifi ed.

MOTOROLA DP 3441 digital professional Walkie VHF 136 174. Included GPS and Bluetooth system


use and business critical advantages as integrated Bluetooth and Intelligent Audio. The DP3441 size fits comfortably in your hand that can be transported easily. Place in the belt on its support custom transport and move freely feeling light. It comes with all of the benefits of the latest in digital technology: magnifi ca audio quality, stunning clarity, outstanding coverage, long battery life and more. The DP3441 keeps you agile and connected in complex work environments, helping you get even greater effi ciency and safety.

FEATURES * Analog / Digital
* Voice / Data * Compact, rugged design * Intelligent Audio

* Increased Privacy

Audio PRINT * MOTOROLA DP 3441 Walkie profesional digital VHF 136 174

* Audio Bluetooth

Bluetooth Data *

* Integrated GPS receiver
* Emergency button
* Ability dual Direct Mode
* Meets digital radio systems (DMR)
    * Signaling of 5 integrated analog tones
  • Voice Announce *
  • * Classifi cation IP67
  • * Radio Management Suite
  • * Disruption of transmissions
  • * Air Programming (OTAP)
  • IP Site Connect *
  • * Capacity Plus
  • * Linked Capacity Plus
  • 1 Clip sujeccion PMLN6545




When it comes to exceptional audio clarity, digital technology is unsurpassed. The DP3441 portable digital audio give you throughout its coverage area plus unique features that help employees to listen and hear them clearly, wherever they work. With Intelligent Audio, the radio volume automatically adjusts to compensate for background noise. Workers do not have to adjust the volume of your radio to avoid missing a call in loud places or annoy others passing through quiet areas. Increased background noise suppression fi lter helps unwanted external sounds from heavy equipment to the noise of the crowd.

Unleash the power of your RADIO

To get the most from your radio DP3441, combine with Motorola Original accessories. They are solely designed, tested and built to the same standard as the Motorola radios, which helps ensure optimal performance. To view the range of batteries, headsets, microphones remote visor and products available, see separate Fact Sheet on DP3441 accessories.


The DP3441 radios have integrated Bluetooth® to share information wirelessly and instantly between devices. Now rather than wait out a turn, employees who are busy can send real-time data directly to the offi ce, saving time and improving decision making. The integrated GPS allows tracking locations of mobile work teams, helping improve personnel safety and operational effi ciency. And if an emergency occurs, you can locate the security personnel and quickly send the nearest to the scene.



drop it, wet, dip, imprégnela of dust and dirt. The DP3441 withstand the harshest environments and the most inhospitable conditions for their teams have a reliable communications to do their jobs safely and effi ciency, whether ground staff on a golf course or a team of private security in a campus. The DP3441 is classifi cation IP67 and meets or exceeds US military standard. UU. 810 C, D, E, F, & G for exceptional durability. It is also subject to the exclusive and hard Accelerated Life Testing of Motorola that simulate up to five years of hard use in the toughest environments, in purpose of ensuring its duration.


It is easy to migrate from analog to digital because the DP3441 operates in two modes. Program the channels in analog or digital mode and the radio will scan both, automatically switching as needed, so you can use your existing analog system and switching to digital as time and budget permit.


Ensure your new MOTOTRBO system is ready when you are. We can bring together experts and processes to help you integrate the DP3441 radios on your current system, quickly and cost effectively. This includes coverage maps, integration sites, programming devices and IP network services.


Las radios MOTOTRBO están diseñadas para durar y tienen el respaldo de una Garantía estándar de dos años, con una garantía de 1 año para las baterías y accesorios Motorola. Además, Servicio desde el Inicio ofrece tranquilidad durante varios años con tiempos de reparación rápidos, soporte técnico experto por teléfono y acceso a las últimas actualizaciones de software1; todo respaldado por la infraestructura de servicios integrados de forma globalde Motorola, técnicos de soporte muy preparados y e instalaciones de reparación certifi cadas.


    * Analógica / Digital
    * Voz / Datos
    * Diseño compacto y resistente
    * Audio Inteligente
    * Aumento de la privacidad
    * Audio IMPRES
    * Audio Bluetooth
    * Datos Bluetooth
    * Receptor GPS integrado
    * Botón de emergencia
    * Capacidad dual Modo directo
    * Cumple con las normas de los sistemas digitales de radio (DMR)
    * Señalización de 5 tonos analógica integrada
    * Anuncio de voz
    * Clasifi cación IP67
    * Radio Management Suite
    * Interrupción de las transmisiones
    * Programación por aire  (OTAP)
    * IP Site Connect
    * Capacity Plus
    * Linked Capacity Plus


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