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Switching Power Supply LAFAYETTE ALP30A adjustable 0-30 Volts. 0 -30 Amp

Switching Power Supply LAFAYETTE ALP30A adjustable 0-30 Volts. 0 -30 Amp High efficiency Adjustable output voltage 0 ~ 30V Light weight and small over voltage protection and high temperature stability Protecion short RFI Low ripple and noise more Reference ALP30A

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ALP-30A Switching Power Supply LAFAYETTE adjustable 0-30 Volts. 0 -30 Amp
High Efficiency
Adjustable output voltage 0 ~ 30V
light and small weight
Protection Over Voltage and Temperature
High RFI stability
Protecion short
Low ripple and noise



ALP30A LAFAYETTE Fuente Alimentación conmutada regulable 0 - 30 Volts. 0 -30 Amp





  • ALP30A LAFAYETTE Switched Power Supply adjustable 0-30 Volts. 0 -30 Amp
    Voltage Output
    Variable Output Voltage: 0 - 30V
    Nominal output: 0 - 30A
    Voltage Regulation
    Load (10-100%): 50mV
    Line (200/240 Vac): 20mV
    Current Control
    Load: 100mA
    Line (200/240 Vac): 50mA
    Ripple and Noise
    RMS Voltage: 5 mV
    peak to peak voltage: 50mV
    Switching frequency: 65 - 85Khz
    Counter type and precision
    Voltage counter: 3 digit LCD display ± 0.2% + 3count
    Electricity Meter: 3-digit LCD display ± 0.2% + 3count
    Input voltage: 200-240VAC 50 / 60Hz
    Protection: overload / over temperature
    Size: 336 x 87 x 214mm
    Weight: 2.9kg