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Detector Beeper of metals GARRETT ACE 250 DELUXE SPORT PACK

Detector Localizador de metales GARRETT ACE 250 DELUXE SPORT PACK El pack incluye 2 platos, 1 auriculares, 1 funda para protejer la pantalla, 1 bolsa de transporte para su detector, 1 DVD con instrucciones y el fantástico libro HOW TO FIND LOST TR more Reference ACE250DSP

320,00 incl. VAT
264,46€ w/o VAT
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Detector Beeper of metals GARRETT ACE 250 + Headsets + Bolsa of transport

  This equipped with an excellent depth and identification exact of the white detected, also reune one excellent discriminacin.Indicador of depth and three programs for different of searching.

The pack includes
2 plates
1 headsets
1 founds for protejer the screen
1 bag of transport stops his detector
1 DVD with instructions and the fantastic book HOW TO FIND LOST TREASURE FIEL GUIDE of the writer Chat Garret


Congratulations  by buy his detector of metals Garrett and welcome to the world of the  searching and of the exploration!


Ud. Has acquired a detector of metals of high technology and high performance conceived and well-developed exclusivamente for those who want start one in this thrilling world with a detector high performance.

This technology us has urge onned to form a microprocessor to analyse hearth signals of discriminitacion."0screen simplified with the tightenings that  him allow adapt one better to the land that goes to prospeccionar and the capacity of transmit different tones of audio for different kinds of metal him allow distinguish more good and more quickly the whites.

Ours plates of big sensitivity insure a good penetration into the floor.

Ud. Be fond her robustness and quality of manufacturing of ours have done a particular hincapien reinforce the points most more sensitive. The materials been used for his construction are of maximum quality and guarantee to his detector a long life.


Assembly and tightening of the detector:

Introduce the washers of rubber in the part lower of the tube of plastic and fix the plate to the bar with the screw taking care that become well assembled.


Insert the tubes fixing them with the clips in shape of V, wind the cable in the tube, insert the connector of the plate in the connection of the box of control and fixes her


Compartment of the batteries:

Check that the batteries of the detector  (4 x 1,5 v) are in his compartment sliding the cover  of the box of control towards in front.

The armrests estfijado with a screw that one can loosen with a screwdriver and allows vary the position of that armrests backwards and forwards. Pushes that armrests until the position in what one feels more more comfortable and return tighten the screw.


Is very advisable the use of headsets because one reduces the consumption of energy and besides one can appreciate with bigger clarity small sounds of notice of whites that can not be heard by the loudspeaker. The connection estsituad under the box of control and to the connect one stops automatically of send out signals of audio by the loudspeaker.


Controls and functioning:


Once have set up the detector situates one in a zone free from metal and from possible interferences and light the team pressing the switch POWER.



POWER Lights and puts out the team

SENSIVITY  Fits the sensitivity (power )

MODE Selector of manner of searching.

Description of the screen:

In the upside notice a row of 5 segments rectangular of color black that tally to groups of metals classified according to his ferrosidad and conductivity (the most more ferrous to the left) and  more more conductive (for example her silver) rightwards. On each segment estescrito that names in English of the possible metal that him corresponds.

When occurs a finding appears other segment fair on that

Segment to which tallies (By example If one lights under iron means

That has detected an object of iron.

When pressure MODE change the kind of discriminitacion and one put out or light different segments. If the segment estapagado when one produces a finding that tallies to this segment, the team not emitirninguna signal from audio to this effect one him calls discriminitacion and one is used to eliminate signals not wished.

All metal (Every metal) the detector señalartodos the metals that locates.

JEWERELY (Manner jewels) One apagarel segment corresponding to the iron detecting all the metals excepting this.

COINS (coins) One put out the segment corresponding to the iron and to the washers of aluminium of the cans of cool drink

The prompt of depth COIN DEPH of daruna idea approximated (in inches) to that depth one finds the white.




Cursor graphic of the identification of the white 5 segments

Prompt of the depth of the white

Sensitivity, tightening of the depth (4 tightenings )

Identification of the tone

Screen of LCD

Prompt of bateria

3 Manners of searching: Every metal, Jewels and coins


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