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Detector metal Localizer GARRETT ACE 250

An equipment very easy to uses with excellent complex results being offered to him to high performance without adjustment. For the detection of currencies, valuable metals and treasures. more Reference ACE250BODY

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 This equipped with an excellent depth and exact identification with the detected target, also reunites an excellent discrimination. For indicator of depth and three different programs search.


Congratulations to buy its detector of welcome Garrett metals and to the world of the search and the exploration!


You have acquired to high tech metal for detector and exclusively conceived and developed high performance which they wish to begin in this exciting world with to detector of high performance.

This technology there are impelled to U.S. to integrate to microprocessor to analyze to lar discrimination signals. To the screen simplified with adjustments that will allow him to adapt to better to the land than is going to prospeccionar and the capacity to emit different tones from audio for different types from metal will allow him to distinguish to better and dwells quicklythe targets.

Our plates of the great sensitivity, assure to good penetration in the ground.

You Will appreciate the robustness and quality of manufactures of ours, we have made to particular sensible emphasis in reinforcingthe most points. For The materials used their construction plows of Principle quality and guarantee to their detector onelong life.


Assembly and fits of the detector:

Inferior introduces to rubber washers in the part of theplastic I had and fix the plate to the bar with the screw trying that is assembled well.


Insert the tubes fixing them with clips to form of V, enrosque the cable in the I had, insert the connector of the plate in the connection of the box of control and fíjela


Compartment of the batteries:

Verify that the batteries of the detector (4 1,5 xs v) plows in their compartment sliding to cover of the box of control towards ahead.

The apoyabrazos plows fixed with to screw that dog sees relaxed with screwdriver and allows to vary the position of the apoyabrazos backwards and forwards. Push the apoyabrazos until the position in which one is dwells comfortable and it returns to tighten the screw.


The uses of earpieces is very advisable since the possible Energy consumption is reduced and in addition it is to sees appreciated with greater clearness small sounds of warning of targets that dog not sees heard by the loudspeaker. The connection is youlocate underneath the box of control and when connecting itself it automatically lets emit signals of audio by to loudspeaker.


Controls and operation:


Eleven it there are mounted the detector it is placed in a free zone of possible metal and interferences and ignites the equipment pressing switch POWER.



POWER Enciende and extinguishes the equipment

SENSIVITY Ajusta sensitivity (to power)

MODE Selector of way search.

Description of the screen:

In the rectangular superior part we observed to row of 5 segments of black color that correspond to metal groups classified based on to their ferrosidad and conductivity (most ferrous to the left) and conductivos (for example to silver) towards the right. Upon each segment the yam in English of the possible metal is written that corresponds to him.

When one takes pleases to finding appears to another right segment upon

segment to which it corresponds (By ex. If one ignites underneath iron it means

that it there are detected an iron object.

When we pressed MODE we changed the type of discrimination and different segments will sees extinguished or ignited. If the segment is dull, when to finding takes pleases that corresponds to this segment, the equipment will not emit any signal ofaudio, to this end discrimination is called to him and it is used to eliminate signals nonwished.

All metal (All metal) the detector will indicate all the metals that locates.

JEWERELY (Way jewels) will extinguish to the segment corresponding to the iron detecting all metals except this one.

COINS (currencies) will extinguish the segment corresponding to the iron and to the aluminum washers of the softdrink cans

The depth indicator COIN DEPH of will give to approximate idea (in inches) of to that depth is the target.



Graphical cursor of the target identification 5 segments

Indicator of the target depth

Sensitivity, fits of the depth (4 adjustments)

Identification of the tone

Screen of LCD

Indicator of battery

3 Ways search: All metal, Jewels and currencies


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