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Metal Detector Locator GARRETT ACE 150

Detector coins, treasures and precious metals. It is the most prestigious economic GARRETT. Ideal for beginners. more Reference ACE150 | EAN 786156002708

Detector Localizador de metales GARRETT ACE 150
Before 223.85€
185,00 incl. VAT
152,89€ w/o VAT
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The cheapest of the wide range GARRETT, is a team with a very reasonable performance, ideal for beginners in the fascinating hobby of searching and locating coins and metal objects buried treasures.


to buy your Garrett metal detector and welcome to the world of
search and exploration


You have purchased a metal detector and high performance technology designed and developed exclusively for those who want to begin this exciting world with a high performance detector.

This technology has led us to integrate a microprocessor analyzing discrimination signals lar. With simplified display settings

allow you to better adapt to the land to prospeccionar and the ability to issue different audio tones for different types of metal will allow faster and better distinguish the whites.

Our highly sensitive plates, ensure a good penetration into the ground.

You'll appreciate the robustness and quality of our manufacturing, we have a particular emphasis on strengthening the most sensitive. The materials used for construction are top quality and ensure its long life detector.

Mounting and adjusting the detector:

Insert the rubber grommets in the bottom of the plastic tube and attach the plate to the bar with the screw ensuring they are well assembled.

Insert pipe clips securing them with V-shaped, thread the wire into the tube, insert the connector plate connecting the control box and secure

Battery compartment:

Check the batteries from the detector

(4 x 1.5 V) are in the compartment by sliding the cover
of the control box forward.

The armrest is fixed with a screw that can be loosened with a screwdriver and allows to vary the position of the armrest backwards and forwards. Push the armrest to the position that is more comfortable and then tighten the screw.

It is advisable to use headphones since it reduces energy consumption and also can be seen more clearly small white tone settings that can not be heard by the speaker. The connection is beautifully set under the control box and connect automatically stops outputting audio signals from the speaker.

Controls and Operating

Once you have mounted the detector be located in a metal-free area and interference and turn on the computer by pressing the POWER switch.



POWER Turns the computer


Adjusts the sensitivity (power)


Search mode selector.

Description of the screen:

Observed in the top row of 5 black color rectangular segments which correspond to groups of metals ranked according to their ferrosidad and conductivity (the most left-ferrous) and

more conductive (eg silver) to the right. Above each segment is written the English name of the metal can where it belongs.

When a finding appears directly above the other segment

segment to which it relates (eg. If lights under iron means

it has detected an iron object.

When pressing MODE change the type of discrimination and will turn off or turn on different segments. If the segment is off, when a finding that corresponds to this segment, the team will not issue any audio signal, this effect is called discrimination and is used to eliminate unwanted signals.

All metal

(All metal) detector indicate that locate all metals.

JEWERELY (Mode jewels) will go out for the iron segment detecting all metals except this one.


(Coins) will turn off the segment corresponding to iron and aluminum washers of cans of soda

The depth gauge of DEHP COIN give a rough idea (in inches) to depth is white.


  • Digital display with white type indicator (5 segments)
  • Finding depth indicator
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Identify the type of metal-tone
  • Speaker and headphone jack
  • Interchangeable plates of different sizes
  • New "Rhino" plate and high strength and waterproof
  • Large Crystal Display
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Touch controls
  • Adjustable measuring arm
  • Weight 1.2 kg
  • Frequency - 7.2 kHz
  • Food 4 x 1.5 V (included)
  • 2 year warranty
  • Select search mode:

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