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YAESU HX500E Standard Horizon. VHF walkie talkie submersible nautical

YAESU HX500E Standard Horizon. VHF walkie talkie submersible nautical The HX-500E is ideal for sailing enthusiasts who want the best performance in a compact size and easy to use portable. more Reference HX500E

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ref: Standard HX500E YAESU HX500E Horizon. Walkie VHF submersible nautical talkie

The HX-500E is the portable ideal for fans to the nautical one that they want the best benefits in a compact size and ofeasy handling.

For the practice of the nautical sports he is advisable toequip itself correctly with the security elements that allow us to enjoy without preoccupations of our liking. Between these elements one of great importance it is the STANDARD HORIZON HX-270E, portable transceiver of Marine band Accredited by the European Union and the Main directorate of Merchant marine Spanish DGMM. His reduced dimensions, in addition to the resistance and sumergibilidad guaranteed to 1 m during 30 minutes, it contributes the tranquillity to us of which we will be able to communicate in the worse possible conditions. It is provided totally complete of accessories that in other marks are optional; Shipper of tablecloth, feeder with burner taking, battery of high NiMH capacity (7,2V 1400 mAh), portapilas and paper clip of reversible subjection.

The long experience that STANDARD VERTEX has in the development of marine equipment has allowed them to design an equipment with ideal characteristics for its use in boats, simplicity of handling, great display illuminated the easy to see in any situation, LED of verification TX, to escner, double listening, 5 W of power etc.

In Summary the HX-500E is the portable ideal for fans to the nautical one that they want the best benefits in a compact size and of easy handling.

It includes:

 - HX500E Walkie submersible nautical talkie 
 - FNB-83 Battery of Metallic Hidruro of Nickel of 7.2 V, 1400 mAh 
 - NC-88C/U Conventional Shipper for 230-240 V of CA 
 - CD-32 Base for Shipper 
 - 460 CAT Antenna 
 - E-DC-19A Cable of CC with Plug for the 12 Cigarette Lighter of V 
 - Manual of the User in ingles 


 - Portable VHF Marine band 5W, size miniature
 - Accredited by UE and DGMM
 - Submersible to 1m of depth during 30 minutes
 - Ample display LCD with illumination
 - Escner, the double listening.
 - indicating LED of TX /RX
 - Dimensions and weight: 60x104x30,5 mm 350g with battery FNB-83



 Content of kit


Frontal Vista walkie talkie HX-270E  



Lateral views walkie talkie HX270E 



Retroiluminada screen LCD 


Later Vista walkie talkie 


Superior Vista walkie talkie

We observed connector SMA of the walkie


Shipper with walkie submersible nautical talkie  





 - Frequency range: 156 MHz -162,025 MHz (Marine Band)  
Passages of Channel:
 25 kHz
 - Stability of frequency:  10 ppm (-30C to +60 0c)
 - Type of emission: 16KOGE'
 - Impedance of antenna: 50 ohms
 - Tension of feeding:  7,2 V of CC
 - Consumption of current: 170 mA (Reception)
                                          50 mA (In pause, Dull Economizer)
 - Operating temperature: -20C to +60C
 - Resistance to the water: 30 minutes @1 meter of depth (JIS 7)
 - So large of the case: 60 xs 104 xs 30.5 mm (wide x high x bottom)
 - Weight (Approx): 350 g with block FNB-83


 - Power output of RF: 5 W/2,5 W/1 W @ 7,2 V
 - Type of modulation: Variable Reactance
 - Maximum deviation: 5 kHz 


 - Type of circuit: Superheterodyne of double conversion
 - Intermediate frequencies: 1era: 47,25 MHz 2da: 450 kHz
 - Sensitivity: 1 20 uV SINAD of dB
 - Selectivity of adjacent channel: 70dB
 - Answer of intermodulation: 68dB
 - Selectivity:  25 kHz (-60 dB)
 - Exit of high frequency: 700 mW @ 16 ohms
                          for a THD < 10 % (@7.2V)