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SW-1250 RECHARGEABLE LEAD BATTERY VOLTAGE 12V Power Lafayette. 5amperios...

SW-1250 RECHARGEABLE LEAD BATTERY VOLTAGE 12V Power Lafayette. 5amperios capacity. Terminal: T1 Sleeps 6 amps. Terminal: T1 Multiple cell design for economy of installation and maintenance Individual valve for each cell High more Reference SW12150T2

SW-1250 BATERIA DE PLOMO RECARGABLE Lafayette Power VOLTAGE 12V. Capacidad 5 amperios. Terminal: T1
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Lafayette RECHARGEABLE LEAD BATTERY VOLTAGE 12V Power. Capacity 15 amperes. Terminal: T2

Capacity 15 amperes. Terminal: T2
Multiple cell design for economy of installation and maintenance
Individual valve for each cell
High Quality ABS retardant
Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and no maintenance electrolyte
Not restricted for air transport
Not restricted for surface transport
Long Life
Float / cycling
Use in any position





Nominal voltage  
20 hours rate FV
Weight  kg


The valve regulated, spill-proof construction of the battery allows trouble-free, safe operation in any position. No need to add electrolytes as gases generated during charging are recombined over a single cycle "oxygen." Batteries use state of the art design, high quality materials and a carefully controlled plate-making process to provide excellent output per cell. The results of high energy density in a higher power / volume and power / weight ratios.
Low internal resistance allows discharge currents of up to ten times the rated capacity of the battery. Relatively small batteries may thus be specified in applications requiring high peak currents.
Special separators, the advanced plate composition, and carefully balanced electrolyte system have greatly improved the resilience of deep discharge excess.
The batteries can be used in series and / or parallel to obtain the choice of voltage and capacity.

Due to recent design breakthroughs, the same battery can be used in either cyclic or standby applications.
The value is made possible by the materials used in a sealed lead-acid battery: they are readily available and inexpensive.
Lafayette batteries can be discharged in a temperature range of -20 ° C to 50 ° C (-4 ° F to 122 ° F) and charged at temperatures from 0 ° C to 40 ° C (32 ° F to 104 ° F). The high impact resistant battery case is made either of non-conductive ABS plastic or styrene. The high-capacity batteries frequently have polypropylene cases. All these case materials impart great resistance to shock, vibration, chemicals and heat. A low self discharge rate allows storage of fully charged batteries for up to one year at room temperature before charging is required. Lower storage temperatures to improve life characteristics even more.
In normal operating conditions, four or five years of dependable service life can be expected in stand-by applications, or between 200-1000 charge / discharge, depending on the average depth of discharge.
Terminal: T2