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FTDX 9000 D Issuing HF Yaesu - 200W

FTDX 9000 D Issuing HF Yaesu Transceiver HF and 50 MHz. Screen TFT multifunction. Double receiving. RX continuous. SSB/ CW/ AM/ FM/ FSK/ PACKET. 200 W. 6 ports of aerial. EDSP with tightening changeable. IP3 with more than 40 dBm. Entry of keyboard a more Reference FTDX9000D

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FTDX 9000 D Issuing HF Yaesu

The new series of teams transceivers HF 50MHz YAESU FT DX9000 are the maximum exponent of the teams range high for Radio Ham, flagship of the prestigious mark Japanese. In them YAESU has made an effort technological without precedings, managing manufacture a team that in his 3 versions fulfils and surpasses with a lot the requirements of the radio hams most more exigent. Designed to win the FT DX9000 is the transceiver par excellence of the bands decamétricas and an important reference for the next years.

The main difference of this model with the FT 9000 Contest lies in that the FTDX9000D includes the screen LCD where one can display the map of the world and many plus options. Other big difference is the complete system of Double receiving of the FT9000D

EL FT DX9000 is as a whole an achievement technological of the mark YAESU leader in Radioafición designed to provide to the maximum the communications of HF even in the worse conditions possible of interferences casualty spread saturation and so on

Is impossible define in few lines the perfection in the design of features specifically implemented of the DX9000 to guarantee the communications of HF even in the worse conditions possible. Thereby stand out some of the most more significant:

The complete panel of leads of our FT DX9000 this designed to operate for hours without generate the fatigue logical of teams ultra compact that not us allow a use comfortable and clear of the functions important. In the FT DX9000 these are to the sight and simply them fit to ours sized without involve us with combinations of keys or similar. Even in the model 9000D have a screen TFT multifunction that us aportartoda the information and conditions of the band necessary for a communication perfect.

His powerful and reliable pass final of 400W with technology MOS FET, us allows "arrive" alldonde the teams conventional of 100W are in the limit of the intelligibility bringing more force to our signal and combined with the DSP of microfono the depth of the signal us diferenciarde signals poor or with modulations deficient.
Pass final with control graphic in the display of the temperature of the radiator refrigerator. Team inside and continuously refrigerated.

Position "Class to" for a linealidad and purity "perfect of the signal," very useful if want for example connect an amplifier linear and so on her gone out in class to is of 100W. Inside designed by modules separated and refrigerated independently for maximum efficiency

Operation "Full duplex" complete RX and TX working in a band with the VFO main and in a sub band with the receiver secondary RXU 9000 installed of series with the FT DX9000MP

Fold connection of microphone, front by means of connector of audio professional CANON XLR or the traditional 8 pines back.

New and unique system of YAESU of equalizer of microphone parametric of 3 levels.

Option Screen TFT color 6,5 "multi advisory; clock worldwide, analyzer of spectra, indication of estatus of the transceiver oscilloscope signal of audio, controller and indication graphic of the rotor lists of the canals from 5 colors of lighting. Function" log book "to introduce by a keyboard external computer of the contacts automatically. (Is accurate order the module before make the request give birth his installation in factory )

Coupler of aerial automatic controlled by microprocessor using condensers changeable moved by engines step-by-step of very high speed with design of very high power (until 500W) to guarantee a functioning perfect during years.

Receiver of triple conversion, sintetizador digital straight DDS high resolution HRDDS 400 MHz.

1F.I. Of 40.455 KHz with 3 filters of 4 poles of glass monolithic of high selectivity seleccionables in 3 bandwidths (3,6 and 15 KHz.

Filter preselector VRF continuous, from 1,8 to 50 MHz combining by microprocessor filters of high Q with reels toroidales and condensers until 31 combinations that us make enjoy of a signal perfectly clean installed of series in the FT DX9000 MP.

Opcionalmente en el FT-9000DX MP para trabajar en bandas "bajas" 14 MHz y por debajo, podemos activar los nuevos RF microtuning MU filtros pasabandas de muy alto Q, estos filtros se ajustan por medio de una bobina de altísimo Q (300 o superior) sintonizable automáticamente por un núcleo de ferrita mediante un sofisticado sistema que ajusta el centro de la frecuencia que estemos trabajando, existen 3 tipos disponibles a instalar conjunta o separadamente A,B y C. (Is accurate order the module before make the request give birth his installation in factory )

Fold medidor (receiver main and secondary) multifunction analogic of high accuracy for a reading easy and understandable of; signal received, power of exit, level of compression, level of entry of microphone, ALC SWR, tension of work complete temperature of the step final and so on

Design ergonomic of the controls with colors different of the receiver main and the supporting actor, panel front designed with concepts of visibility in communications aeronautic, lighting indirect by mike lamps estratégicamente situated under the medidores s put and the panel TFT or leads equivalent. Send dial with high speed of searching, controls grouped by preferences, CW SSB, manners digital.

En el panel trasero del FT-9000DX tenemos una conexión tipo PS-2/USB para conexión de un teclado informático mediante el cual podemos realizar el "log book", nuestro libro de contactos, los datos de banda, frecuencia, modo, son generados automáticamente por el microprocesador y lo único que necesitamos introducir es la hora del contacto DMU-9000 instalada de serie en el FT-DX-9000MP. In the FT DX9000 MP is necessary the connection of a display LCD external to display the data (not provided.) The data of the" log book "are possible of keep in a memory kind CF CARD of 64MB included

4 possible aerials of connection TX/ RX commuted electrónicamente and 1 of reception.

Oscillator of ultra tall stability included OCX0 (0,03 ppm) to be able grant to our correspondent join" authentic "frequency of reference.

The new DSP of the FT DX9000 is a system of filtering digital that tries the signal not only in her cuts of reception but also in transmission functioning as an equalizer of microphone gives birth reinforce acute, cut frequencies and so on Designed with the last technology in processed digital YAESU has used a new processor of 32 bit with floating-point but with a Philosophy clear on the part of the manufacturer; EMULAR to the maximum possible the feeling of reception analogic, though with the advantages current. Especially significant in the part of the Control Automatic of Profit AGC, tremendously efficient above all in moments of" pailap "or saturation of the frequency by competitions, DX specials etc Between the main manners of DSP are; the WIDHT/ SHIFT combining these 2 controls achieve a displacement of the noise or signal not wished at the time that squeeze the signal to the limits selected, the CONTORNO DSP adapting the signal received to do the modulation most" more natural," "Filter NOTCH of elimination of noises parasites the reducer from noise digital DNR adjustable etc

And a lot of other features available


QUADRA: Amplifier linear 1 KW. 220VCA. Coupler automatic and power supply
SP 9000: Loudspeaker outer with filter of audio stops FTDX 9000, MK5, FIELD and FT 1000MP
RXU 9000: Unit double receiving (of series in version D optional in version contest )
VRF 9000: Unit of filter changeable RF (of series in version D optional in version contest )
MTU 160: Unit RF tuning of high Q bands 160m (of series in version D optional in versions MP and contest )
MTU 80/40: Unit RF tuning of high Q bands 80/40m (of series in version D optional in versions MP and contest )
MTU 30/20: Unit RF tuning of high Q bands 30/20m (of series in version D optional in versions MP and contest )
DMU 9000: Unit of control of data, interconnection to display external LCD gives birth use of the" log book "(of series in versiónes D and MP optional in contest )
FH 2 Keyboard of control of Unit of Keyer stops FT DX9000
MD 200A8X: Microphone desktop 600 Ohm 8 contacts, scanner for FT 1000MP, MKV FIELD
MD 100A8X: Microphone desktop 600 Ohm 8 contacts, scanner for FT 1000MP, MKV FIELD



- Transceiver HF 50 MHz desktop.
- Boosts TX: 200W
- Coverage in reception: 0,1-30 MHz and band 50 MHz. Receiving of triple conversion superheterodino
- Coverage in TX: 160-10m and 6m Bands of Radio Ham
- Full duplex
- Every manner LSB, USB, CW, RTTY, packet, AM, FM
- High power of audio, 2,5W on 4 ohms with 10% THD
- Coupler of aerial automatic internal included
- Double receiving with systems AGC independent
- EDSP in RX and TX
- 4 entries of aerial to B and reception with exit gives birth line of filtraje
IPO; point of interception optimal
- Filters RF microtuning of high Q >300) installed of series
- Manipulative electronic CW built-in with memories
- Fold medidor multifunction analogic
- Screen TFT color 6,5" solving 800x400 points
- HRDDS Sintetizador Digital Straight from ultra high resolution to 400 MHz
- Send Dial ergonomic with speed of searching changeable
- Entry of Frequency Straight
- 99 memories alphanumeric in 5 groups
- Several kinds of scanner
- Different manners digital; PSK 31, RTTY, Packet Fax, FSK, AFSK
- All the filters included
- Oscillator of high stability XCX0 included
- Power supply internal



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