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KENWOOD TS-590SG. HF / 50 MHz transceiver

The new TS-590SG keeps the most of the key features of its predecessor TS-590S. more Manufacturer: kenwood Reference TS590SG EAN 019048210425

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The new TS-590SG is the great Kenwood novelty for this 2014. This station arrives to take over from the Kenwood TS-590S, retaining most of its features incorporating new features and a notable improvement in broadcast and reception. Antenna coupler (160 - 6 m Bands) - 16.7 Ohm to 150 Ohm

The new TS-590SG retains much of the main features of its predecessor TS-590S. Among the improvements it is worth mentioning the improvement in reception and emission.
Kenwood Launches New All-Mode HF / 50MHz Transceiver with Optimal Performance
in RX to satisfy a wide range of users from beginners to experts
DX to widely enjoy Radio-hobby.
Kenwood launches the new HF / 50MHz All Mode transceiver with optimal RX performance to satisfy a wide range of users from beginners to DX experts to widely enjoy Radio-hobby.

ts590s kenwood transceiver all mode hf / 50mhz,


ts590s kenwood transceiver all mode hf / 50mhz,

kenwood ts590


The large display ensures visibility in all conditions.
You can choose between amber or green LED lighting.
Direct frequency input and band selection
The keyboard is used to directly access the band. There are 3 memories in each band, allowing you to quickly access the most common frequencies. The buttons, arranged to optimize the comfort of use, provide information offering an answer to your needs.
USB connection for control from PC
Thanks to the new built-in USB port, the TS-950S can be associated with a PC using a USB cable, allowing control from the PC of the transceiver plus TX / RX audio connection.
Note: Due to the theoretical latency of USB audio, it cannot be used in applications that are affected by this delay time.

TS-590S remote control using computer
Using the ARCP-590 radio control program, virtual access to all functions is possible from the computer. This simplifies the modification of configurations and the memory management of channels.

You can download this free distribution software from the Kenwood website when you purchase the TS-590S.

Memory and voice guidance unit (optional)
The VGS-1 memory and voice guidance unit offers 2 important tasks: oral frequency confirmation (in English or Japanese), key operations, settings, etc. and store / play messages received by the transceiver.
Voice memory: max. 4 channels (recording time: 30 sec. In CH1 and CH2, 15 sec. In CH3 and CH4)
Continuous recording RX: 30 sec. (1 channel)
Beep OFF
As an enhancement to conventional job confirmation, a different beep sound confirms a function or mode on disconnection, allowing for clear differentiation.
Programmable key functions (PF "C PF B)
The TS-590SG includes 2 programmable function keys. You can freely select your most common functions from these keys.

Extensive renewed interference / noise facilities

Adjustable FI bandwidth

By using the DSP's passband filter setting, you can customize interference cancellation to your needs. Providing edge tuning in SSB / AM / FM modes, and bandwidth control for modes.

choose between normal or wide attenuation to adjust to the interference found. * Available only in SSB mode. ** Available in SSB / CW / FSK modes.

Analog and Digital Noise Canceller (NB1 / NB2)

In addition to the Analog Noise Canceler (NB1), which boasts a renowned level of weak noise cancellation, this transceiver is equipped with a novel development of Digital Noise Canceler (NB2). Select the canceller that is most effective for found noise and RX conditions. NB1 offers stable noise suppression regardless of the RX bandwidth because, during pauses in the conversation, the noise that passes through the 1st Roofing filter is sent on the NB circuit. The NB2 uses a novel tracking method, which is effective in cases where the analog method cannot cancel.

DSP noise reducer (NR1 / NR2)
In addition to conventional NR1 and NR2, NR1 now uses a novel spectral subtraction approach specially designed to eliminate noise in talk mode. The optimal noise reducer is applied for each RX mode.

The Spectrum Subtraction Noise Reducer has been developed primarily to increase voice clarity on weak SSB signals. Thanks to this advanced technology, which uses the processing power of the 32-bit floating point DSP, we can capture the desired signal that is camouflaged by noise, without loss of quality. For voiceless (CW / FSK) modes, the online enhancement offers true noise reduction. Whatever the method, the degree of attenuation can be easily adjusted.

NR2 (SPAC, Spark)
Kenwood's original NR2 is based on spark-type noise reduction that eliminates a periodic signal. SPAC is ideal for CW operation by being able to suppress noise at the same frequency as the desired signal. Being able to adjust the correlation in 2ms increments from 2ms to 20ms (10 increments). NS ”is not available on FM.

High Reliability TX section for a High quality signal

Kenwood's attention to detail is evident in the TX and RX features.

Stable handling guaranteed.

High reliability design.

100W duty cycle design Cooling system with two 60 x 60 fans, same size as previous model. By having two fans, air circulation is available at low revolutions, ensuring quiet work. Meticulous attention has been paid to both the size of the fan motors and the shape of the air inlet and outlet, to achieve maximum noise reduction. The die-cast aluminum chassis combines with a large heatsink to improve heat dissipation efficiency, minimizing temperature rise in the final section during continuous transmission sessions. This continuous work design allows long working hours in harsh conditions typical of DX expedition environments.

Incorporates automatic antenna coupler (compatible with 5 MHz band) *

The coupler presets allow for quick band changes and work when the TS-590SG is receiving. When the TX frequency changes, the preset data (stored separately for each antenna band) is loaded into the coupler circuit to ensure quick and optimal adaptation without re-tuning being necessary. * only in UK

TCXO Optional

The TCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator), which is available as an option, ensures excellent stability (± 0.5ppm) over a wide range of working temperature, from -10 ° C to 50 ° C.

Drive output (includes 135 kHz band)

The DRV connector provides access to the TX drive output (approx. 0 dBm). This is not only useful when using a transverter: the main antenna terminal cannot be

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