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CAR45LIX6 Charger for 6 batteries lithium KENWOOD KNB-45LI

This fantastic Charger allows simultaneous loading of 6 lithium batteries kenwood KNB-45. The charger detects levels of charging batteries and charge them on achieving efficient than the life of the batteries to lengthen the maximum possible. more Manufacturer: kenwood Reference CAR45LIX6

356,95 incl. VAT
295,00€ w/o VAT
Delivery price from 30,25€
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CAR45LIX6 Charger for 6 lithium batteries KENWOOD KNB 45LI
This fantastic RAPIDO charger allows the simultaneous charging of 6 kenwood lithium batteries KNB 45. The charger detects the charge levels of the batteries and performs efficient charges on them ensuring that the life of the batteries is extended as long as possible.
Este fántastico cargador RAPIDO permite la carga simultanea de 6 baterías de litio kenwood KNB 45. El cargador detecta los niveles de carga de las baterías y realiza cargas eficientes sobre las mismas logrando que la vida de las baterías se alargue el máximo posible.

The charger has

3 LEDs that identify at all times the state of charge: en todo momento el estado de la carga:

Red: Loading battery. Rojo:Green:
Full load. Verde:Amber:
Defective battery or charging problem. Ambar: Batería defectuosa o problema en la carga.
Charging time oscillates between 3 5 hours with completely discharged batteries.

Allows battery charging with or without a walkie talkie.

Permite la carga de la batería con o sin walkie talkie.

Loading with and without walkies at the same time Kit Contents Rear view Measures Charge without walkie talkie Loading with walkie talkies
Carga con y sin walkies a la vez
CAR45LIX6 Cargador


Contenido del kit  

CAR45LIX6 Cargador


Vista posterior  

CAR45LIX6 Cargador



CAR45LIX6 Cargador


Carga sin walkie talkie  

CAR45LIX6 Cargador


Carga con walkie talkies  

CAR45LIX6 Cargador


1 kg approx.

Peso: 1 kg aprox.



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