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Peli HeadsUp Lite 2640 BLACK! BLACK COLOR!

Peli HeadsUp Lite 2640 BLACK! BLACK COLOR! The 2640 is a powerful combo headlamp Halogen / LED Handsfree suitable for all kinds of tasks. Push up the switch and you have three powerful LEDs perfect with a bright light for close work. If y more Reference 2640030110E

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Peli HeadsUp Lite 2640 BLACK! BLACK COLOR!
The 2640 is a powerful halogen headlamp combo / hands-free LED suitable for all kinds of tasks. Push up the switch and you will have three powerful LEDs with an intense light perfect for close work. If you need a more powerful beam, pushing down the switch to advance to get a halogen light that penetrates thick smoke and dust. Its rugged ABS resin body is resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures. His head rotating 90 allows you to direct the light exactly where needed. His set of batteries, four AA alkaline batteries (included), is extremely light. Certified to ATEX Zone 2 (Category 3). HeadsUp Lite 2640 model features a rubber strap for helmet and an adjustable cloth strap for bare head.

Light Type: LED (low) halogen (high)
Batteries: 4 AA Alkaline (included)
Power in lumens: 21.0 (high) / 9.0 (low)
Battery life: 3 hours (high) / 50h (low)
Length: 6.7 cm
Color: Black
Certifications: UL Class 1, Div 2



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