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FULLWATT FUM-1205CBP Battery Charger Lead

FULLWATT FUM-1205CBP Battery Charger Lead This battery charger, portable compact load quickly and perform a full battery sealed lead and liquid whose capacity is within the range of 25Ah to 50Ah. Phase bulk upload load the battery t more Manufacturer: fullwat Reference FUM1205CBP

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FULLWATT FUM 1205CBP Lead-acid battery charger

This compact and portable battery charger performs a fast and complete charge of sealed and liquid lead batteries whose capacity is within the range of 25Ah to 50Ah. Este cargador de baterías compacto y portátil realiza una carga rápida y completa de baterías de plomo selladas y líquidas cuya capacidad este dentro del rango de 25Ah a 50Ah.The massive charging stage charges the battery at a constant current of 5A until the battery reaches a level slightly above the level of the absorption voltage. Then it goes to the absorption charging stage, in which the battery is kept at a constant voltage while the charging current is gradually reduced.

When the battery is fully charged, it goes to the float charge stage, stage in which it can be maintained indefinitely.

Output voltage 12 V

Charge current

5000 mA Input voltage 230 V  12 V
Dimensions Corriente de cargaLength x Width x Height 75 x 32 x 142 mm
Voltaje de entrada 230 V
Largo x Ancho x Alto 75 x 32 x 142 mm

Kit Contents

Contenido del kit


Front view

Vista frontal

Input alternating voltage 180 260 V AC 50Hz
Yes Input alternating current at full load at 230V AC 0.8 A

Load voltages for the two types of batteries Sealed batteries: Absorption 13.8 14, IV; Flotation 13.2 13.5V Yes
Liquid batteries: Absorption 14,1 14,4V; Flotation 13.4 13.7V Yes
Maximum load current (continuous regime)
5A Online regulation (180 260V AC) <0.6%
   Ripple and noise (peak to peak) 120mV
Performance at maximum power 84%
Regulación en línea (180 260V AC) <0,6%
Protections 120mV
Short circuit Yes 84%
Overload (automatic reset)


Polarity reversal (automatic reset) Yes
  Overtemperature (automatic reset) Yes
  Overvoltage (automatic reset) Yes
  Low battery voltage (automatic reset) Yes
When the battery voltage is <7.5V, the charger will stop charging the battery. Sobretemperatura (rearme automático)EC standards and approvals
EN60335, EN550l4 Sobretensión (rearme automático)Load indicator (lled)
  Tensión baja de la batería (rearme automático)Red:
Green: loaded or floating Yes
Indicador de carga (lled)Anodized aluminum housing Size in mm (width x height x depth)
142 x 75 x 32   Rojo:Weight in grams
380 g Ran go recommended battery capacity
25 50 Ah Carcasa de aluminio anodizado Tamaño en mm (ancho x alto x fondo) 142 x 75 x 32
Peso en gramos 380 g
Ran go recomendado de capacidad de las baterías 25 50 Ah