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GP-868 MAAS Omnidirectional base antenna from 835 to 900 Mhz

GP-868 MAAS Omnidirectional base antenna from 835 to 900 Mhz.Ideal for RFI ISM SIGFOX and Iot (Internet of Things) systems. This small antenna of 25 centimeters in length and 3 radials of 9 centimeters, has a gain of 3 dBi. It is made of Al more Manufacturer: maas Reference MAASGP868

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GP-868 MAAS Omnidirectional base antenna from 835 to 900 Mhz.Ideal for RFI ISM SIGFOX and Iot (Internet of Things) systems. This small antenna of 23 centimeters in length and 3 radials of 9 centimeters, has a gain of 3 dBi. It is made of Aluminum and Steel. Mount TNC Female connector at the base of your antenna. It incorporates 3 meters of RG58 cable with TNC Male connector at one end and SMA Male at the other for connection to devices. A powerful Omnidirectional antenna of small dimensions (25 centimeters) compatible with all Helium mining hotspots: Nebra HNT Indoor Hotspot Miner, HNT rewards, RAK Hotspot Miner v2, BOBCAT Miner, Nebra HNT Outdoor Hotspot Miner, BOBCAT Miner, SyncroBit Gateway, Helium Crypto miner, lora camera, designed for LoRa Helium miner, low power radio: Sigfox, LPWA, LoRa, mesh networks, IoT. Multipoint applications and NLOS, IoT and M2M Nodes.
Antenna length 25 cm
Female TNN connector on the base.

GP-868 MAAS Antena base omnidireccional de 835 a 900 Mhz

kit content
  • 1 GP-868 Antenna
  • 1 aluminum square
  • 4 Radials 9 cm
  • 2 Screw wall plugs

Get the most out of your radio frequency miner, HOTSPOT MINERS of HELIUM (HNT). Even more important than the device you use is the antenna and the cable that is installed. Even the best device on the market, making it work with the small antenna supplied with the equipment, will have a much lower performance than a simpler and cheaper device that makes use of a high-performance outdoor antenna (defined as: antenna gain ).

As for radiofrequency antennas of standard quality, the longer the antenna, the greater the range and therefore the greater the performance. It is a matter of pure physics. Any equipment connected to an external antenna will have a greater range and therefore its radius of action will be wider compared to another that uses the small antenna that usually accompanies the device.

We can summarize by the following questions and answers:

How can I have a greater range and get more out of my HOTSPOT from HELIUM? The first thing is to forget about the antenna that comes with the device and give your miner a good tool to do his job more efficiently by installing an outdoor antenna using a quality cable.

What type of antenna? There are many types of antennas in general. But what your miner needs is an antenna of the so-called type: OMNIDIRECTIONAL. Also called vertical antennas like this GP-868 model. Being of the OMNIDIRECTIONAL type means that these antennas are capable of emitting and receiving signals in all directions in 360º. Regardless of the direction the signal comes from, the antenna will capture it and in the same way it will also emit at 360º. Avoid antennas called Yagi or directive type and also panel antennas, since these types of antenna only work at specific angles that are usually very narrow, so your miner will be losing everything that does not fit into the angle of work of your antenna. It is clear: OMNIDIRECTIONAL type antenna

How long should my antenna be? Well, for a purely physical reason, the general rule says that the longer the antenna, the more gain (which ultimately means higher performance). But EYE!! Within the so-called OMNIDIRECTIONAL antennas, 2 types can be differentiated, summarizing a lot and very basically: there are fiberglass ones without radials and there are ones like this antenna that we present to you, GP-868, which is made of aluminum and has the so-called RADIALS. The radials are those "rods" that can be seen on the sides of the antenna. These radials give the antenna a particular way of working and allow higher performance with a shorter antenna. Typically fiberglass type antennas without radials must be longer in length to provide the same performance as an antenna with radials. The GP-868 is an antenna of only 25 centimeters, but with enormous performance!!!

How and where do I install my antenna? The ideal: Outside the house, mounted on a mast, in the highest area and clear at 360º. This ideal installation will obviously depend on the type of home the user has. If it is a house, it will be easier than if you live in an apartment in a building. But don't get overwhelmed, if you don't have access to the top of the building, you can put it in a window, on a balcony or a terrace. But always installed outside to get the most out of your HOTSPOT. You can even mount it indoors, but it will lose a lot of its charm. Install the antenna to the HOTSPOT using a cable adapted with the connectors used by both the mining device and the antenna. The cable must be of high quality, don't skimp on the cable (very important!!!), buy a good cable! A good HOTSPOT can have a good antenna connected, but if the cable is not adequate, it can lose a lot of performance due to the cable itself or connectors and thus lose a good part of the efficiency of the system. Ideally, the cable length from the HOTSPOT to the antenna should be as short as possible. The longer the cable, the greater the loss of signal and therefore your miner will have a lower performance. Although if we have to choose between using a 15 meter cable because the antenna can be installed outside in a high and clear area or using a 3 meter cable with the antenna inside a balcony or a window, we are left with the first option: longer cable because we installed it outside, in a high and clear place.

What cable and connectors do I use to install my HOTSPOT with the antenna? This is easy: we give you facts. We have the appropriate cables with different sizes and with the connectors already assembled. Don't complicate your life!

In the end, the good result depends on the set: a good hotspot with a good outdoor antenna suitable for working with a HOTSPOT a quality cable suitable for these frequencies and equipped with good connectors the installation of the antenna in the highest place and clear possible minimum possible distance of cable between the antenna and the HOTSPOT. With a set like this you will have a gifted miner with the best tools to perform at his best.

GP-868 MAAS Antena base omnidireccional de 835 a 900 Mhz


  • Impedance: 50 Ohm.
  • Frequencies 835-900 Mhz
  • vertical polarization
  • UHF gain: 3dBi
  • Maximum power: 50 watts.
  • UHF wavelength 1/4
  • Horizontal Beamwidth: 360º
  • Weight: 320 grams.
  • SWR: 1.2 SWR
  • Connector: N female
  • Maximum power 50 watts
  • Radial 4 radials of 9 centimeters
  • Antenna length 25 centimeters
  • Rod material: Aluminum
  • Maximum wind resistance: 150m/sec