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RG174AUMT Coaxial 50 ohms. RG-174 AU, diameter 2.79 mm. METERS FOR...

RG-174 A / U coaxial cable for radio frequency, impedance 50 ohms. Diameter 2.79 mm. ATTENTION: This cable has a very fine diameter, only 2.79 mm. Radio-frequency normally used in short runs of cable or hoses due to its high attenuation whic more Reference RG174AUMT

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RG 174 A / U Coaxial cable for radio frequency, 50 ohm impedance.

Diameter 2.79 mm

Diametro 2,79 mm.

ATTENTION: this cable has a very thin diameter, only 2.79 mm. it is used in radiofrequency normally in short runs of cable or hoses due to its high attenuation which is why its use in installations that require many meters is not recommended.

ATENCION: este cable cuenta con un diametro muy fino, tan solo 2,79 mm. se usa en radiofrecuencia normalmente en tiradas cortas de cable o latiguillos debido a su alta atenuación por lo cual no es recomendable sus uso en instalaciones que requieran muchos metros.

The attenuation table:



La tabla de atenuación:27 Mhz. Attenuation of 15 dB / 100 meters

50 Mhz. Attenuation of 19 dB / 100 meters

100 Mhz. Attenuation of 25 dB / 100 meters 50 Mhz.      Atenuación de 19 dB/100 metros

200 Mhz. Attenuation of 37 dB / 100 meters

100 Mhz.   Atenuación de 25 dB/100 metros500 Mhz. Attenuation of 61 dB / 100 meters

200 Mhz.    Atenuación de 37 dB/100 metros800 Mhz. Attenuation of 80 dB / 100 meters

500 Mhz.   Atenuación de 61 dB/100 metros1000 Mhz. Attenuation of 92 dB / 100 meters

800 Mhz.   Atenuación de 80  dB/100 metros

1000 Mhz. Atenuación de 92 dB/100 metros


Central Driver: Outside diameter:
7 threads of 0.16 mm. (copper)
2.79 mm

I mpedance:

50 ohms

Diametro exterior:Propagation speed:


I mpedancia: 50 ohmios

Velocidad de propagación:  66,6%



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