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CTC-50M coaxial Pasamarcos COMET door or window level PL

The hose COMET CTC-50M is exclusive to pass between the doors or windows without tenen coaxial cable that make holes in your home. more Reference CTC50M | EAN 4932273163044

61,69 incl. VAT
50,98€ w/o VAT
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The hose COMET CTC 50M It is exclusive to pass between doors or windows the coaxial cable without having to make holes in your house. The flat coaxial live is copper-clad steel, which makes the COMET CTC 50M a very strong cable and provides complete mobility.

The film that covers it is ALPET (Aluminum plastic) with what will never break or fatigue over time.
The connectors have a 25 carat gold bath for maximum conductivity.

El film que lo cubre es ALPET (Aluminio plastico) con lo que nunca se rompera ni fatigara con el paso del tiempo.
Los conectores tienen un baño de oro de 25 kilates para una conductividad maxima.



Frequency Range: DC 1300MHz Connectors: PL Lontigud: 40 cm

Max Power: HF 100W PEP Rango de Frecuencia: DC 1300MHz
VHF: 60W FM Conectores: PL
UHF: 40W FM Lontigud: 40 cm
900MHz 1.3GHz: 10W FM Max Potencia: HF 100W PEP
ROE: <500MHz 1.3: 1 VHF: 60W FM
> 500MHz 1.5: 1 UHF: 40W FM
Lost: DC 500MHz .5dB 500 900MHz 1.3dB
900 1300MHz 1.8dB ROE: <500MHz 1.3:1
Impedance: 50 Ohm >500MHz 1.5:1
Perdidas: DC 500MHz .5dB
500 900MHz 1.3dB
900 1300MHz 1.8dB
Impedancia: 50 Ohm