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MFJ 945E ANTENNA COUPLER HF 1.8- 30 Mhz Frequencies 1.8 - 30 Mhz Input impendence: 50 ohms Input power: 300 W PEP more Manufacturer: mfj Reference MFJ945E EAN 650619002256

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The MFJ-945 antenna coupler is a device used by radio amateurs to adapt HF antennas in a frequency range of 1.8 to 60 MHz. Frequency range: It can work in the HF frequency range and 6 meters, which includes the bands from 1.8 to 30 MHz and the 6 meter band (50-54 MHz). This allows you to use a wide variety of antennas at these frequencies. It has the following features:Wattmeter and SWR meter: The MFJ-945 has a built-in wattmeter and a Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) meter. This makes it possible to measure the input and output power of the transmitter, as well as the SWR of the antenna. Frequency range: It can work in a wide frequency range from 1.8 to 60 MHz. This covers the most common HF bands used in amateur radio. Input Impedance: The coupler is designed for an input impedance of 50 ohms, which is the standard used in most amateur radio equipment. Input Power: Can handle up to 300 watts of peak envelope power ( PEP) input. This means it can efficiently adapt and transfer high-power signals from the transmitter to the antenna.Compact Dimensions: The MFJ-945 has dimensions of approximately 20.4 x 5.10 x 15.30 cm, making it compact and easy to use. to place at the amateur station. The MFJ-945 is a popular choice among radio amateurs due to its ability to adapt different types of antennas and its inclusion of a built-in wattmeter and SWR meter. These features allow for precise antenna tuning and real-time monitoring of power and SWR.

MFJ 945E Acoplador de antenas HF 1,8- 30 Mhz - 50-54 Mhz

kit content
  • 1 HF coupler

MFJ 945E Acoplador de antenas HF 1,8- 30 Mhz - 50-54 Mhz


  • Frequencies 1.8 - 30 Mhz (50-54 Mhz )
  • Maximum power 300 watts
  • Impedance 50 ohms
  • Metallic box
  • 12 volt supply only for esmiter