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Issuer TTI TCB-550 CB 27 Mhz very small

Issuer TTI TCB-550 CB 27 Mhz very small The receiver-transmitter TCB-550 is designed to provide good performance in all operating conditions thanks to its chassis covered in its PCB and its components. Furthermore, this team is very comfo more Reference TCB550

TCB550 TCB550 TCB550 TCB550 TCB550 TCB550 TCB550
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TCB-550 TTI Transmitter 27 Mhz CB of very small size

The receiver-transmitter TCB-550 has been designed to provide good performance in any operating condition thanks to its coated frame, its PCB and its components.

In addition, this equipment is very comfortable to use due to the ergonomic shape with which it has been conceived and which has allowed to position the mittens and the keys in the most suitable and correct places. Thanks to the combination of mittens and well-designed keys and easy-to-read graphic designs, users will soon learn to easily use the equipment.

The new modality of the Menu will satisfy the amateurs and professionals of the radio.
The elegant and refined blue light of the LED is suitable for any vehicle.


* 40 Channels
* 26.965-27.405 Mhz
* Multiband
* 4 Watts output power
* AM / FM
* Beep ON / OFF tones
* TOT (Timer our time)
* Light intensity regulator Display
* Emergency channel (9)
* Scanner
* Keypad and micro lock
* Lighting in blue

Contents of the kit
  • Issuer TCB550
  • Handheld microphone
  • Broadcast support
  • Connection cables


  • Output power: 10% 4W. @ 13.8 VDC
  • Modulation: AM 85% - 95% / FM 1.8 Khz? 0.2 Hz
  • Frequency response: 300 Hz - 3000Hz
  • Output impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Suppression of harmonics: - 36 dBm
  • Reception system: Double superheteriodine conversion
  • IF frequencies: Double conversion 1 st 10695 Mhz 0.5 uV - 20 dB SINAD FM mode
  • Power output audio: @ 10% THD: 20W. @ 8 ohm
  • Audio distortion: 8% @ 1Khz

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