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SIGMA SIGMA4E27 YAGI Antenna direcctiva type 4 elements 27 Mhz. CB...

SIGMA SIGMA4E27 ANTENNE. YAGI type antenna directive made of high quality aluminum and resistance. 4 items for CB 27 Mhz. Undoubtedly provide the greatest scope for fans of the Citizens Band CB. Its length is 4 meters. The gain is 11 dB. more


Referencia: SIGMA4E27 (VARIOS)


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ref. SIGMA4E27 SIGMA ANTENNE. Directive antenna made of high quality aluminum and resistance. 4 elements for CB 27 Mhz. It will undoubtedly provide the widest reach to the fans of the citizen band CB. Its length is 4 meters. The gain is 11 dB. Maximum power: 1,000 watts PEP


Frequency: 27 Mhz. CB

Impedance: 50 ohms

Connector type: PL

SWR: approx. 1.1 in center band

Gain: 11 dB

Front / rear ratio : 30 dB

Maximum power: 1000 watts PEP

Polarization: vertical / horizontal

Elements: 4 elements

Dimension of the Boom: 4,000 mm. x 30 mm x 30 mm.

Reflector length: 5.70 meters

Length of the director 1 ?: 4.80 meters.

Weight: 7 kg.