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MONTANAML85 PRESIDENT Mobile antenna CB 87 cm

MONTANA ML85 PRESIDENT Mobile antenna CB 87 cm 100 W more Manufacturer: president Reference MONTANAML85

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Montana ML-85-100

Powerful high performance antenna with magnet base. At just 87 cm in length the Montana ML-85 antenna provides higher performance than even longer antennas. Regarding antennas and especially in CB, the size of the antenna is very important due to the wavelength, the CB band is 11 meters. This means that most CB antennas begin to have a reasonable performance from the most standard measurement, which is 145 .. 150 centimeters (approximately about a meter and a half). Below these measurements, to maintain optimal performance, they must be antennas truly designed with a high technical level, as has been the case with the ML-85 antenna, which, with only 87 cm in length, achieves high performance in the CB band. In addition, being made directly with a magnetic base makes it especially efficient and easy to mount on any metallic surface of the vehicle. The magnet base also provides a better adaptation to mass, without the need for any type of adjustment in the vast majority of vehicles. It is equipped with a 4.5 meter RG-58 cable with a PL 259 male connector, so its installation takes just a few seconds: place the magnet base on a metal part of the vehicle and connect the PL-259 male to the connector station female, as we say just a few seconds. The ML-85 antenna is ideal for its performance and its ease of assembly and disassembly when we do not want to leave the antenna fixed in the vehicle. An ideal product in 4x4 vehicles for excursions, group outings, trips, etc... disassembling it is simple and a matter of seconds.

PRESIDENT MONTANA-ML-85 Antena CB 27 Mhz base iman 8 cm Longitud 87 cm

kit content
  • 1 Antenna 87 cm
  • 1 Magnet Base 8 cm
  • 1 allen key
  • Length 4.5 meters RG-58 cable

PRESIDENT MONTANA-ML-85 Antena CB 27 Mhz base iman 8 cm Longitud 87 cm


  • Frequency : 26-28 MHz
  • Wave type : 1/4
  • Impedance : 50 Ohm
  • Gain 3dBi
  • Bandwidth 1600 KHz
  • SWR 1:1
  • Vertical Polarization
  • Max. power : 100W PEP
  • Total length with magnet base: 87 cm
  • Magnet base diameter: 8 cm
  • Cable length: 4.7 m RG 58
  • Connector : PL 259 male
  • Weight 850g