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IDE880 dual-band mobile digital ICOM VHF / UHF

IDE880 dual-band mobile digital ICOM VHF / UHF

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IDE880 dual-band mobile digital ICOM VHF / UHF-E880 is a mobile base with removable front, receiving up to 1 GHz (with AM aircraft band), 1,052 reports, CTCSSy DCS. The maximum transmission power is 50 watts. It has a GPS connection.

E80 is a port?il with 5 watts output on both bands, 1,052 memories, CTCSS, DCS, lithium ion battery of 1,300 milliamps, programmable with free software. Using a micro accessory receives GPS signals. It is waterproof and has received between 495 KHz and 999.9 MHz

icom IDE880





Product Highlights:

Digital mode DV (digital voice + data slow) D-STAR * and analog FM
DR mode (D-STAR repeater *) for easy adjustment.
Free download programming software CS-80/880 (download from Web ICOM).
GPS position information (DV mode) (GPS receiver required).
GPS"0mode for easy D-PRS operation (requires GPS receiver).
Coverage receiver.
Detachable front head unit.
High search speed (max. 50ch/seg).
50 W. power in both bands.
Connector 9600/1200 bps data packet in the back.

* D-STAR: Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio

Supplied accessories:

DC power cable (3m)
Separation cable, OPC-1154A (3.4 m).
Hand microphone HM-133
Mounting bracket.
Support the front.
Microphone clip.

New references:


CS-80/880 Free download programming software for IC-E820and ID-E880. Allows memory channels and other settings from the PC. Download from% u201C http://www.icom.co.jp/world/support/index.html .% u201D
OPC-1529R cable required or OPC-478/UC.


Capacity as DV (Digital Voice + data) D-STAR *: The ID-E880 can transmit and receive digital voice format D-STAR * and send data at 950 bps (approximate value) simultaneously.

GPS position information: Used with a GPS, it shows its position in the display.

List of D-STAR repeaters * You can record up to 300 channels / specified in the list of repeaters. Each channel stores the repeater callsign, frequency, duplex + / -, frequency offset, indicative of the gateway, the channel name to 8 characters. DR Mode (Repeater D-STAR *) makes the operation easier to access a * D-STAR repeater
With a pulse response function.
50-channel GPS and alarm memory GPS (GPS receiver required).


Receiver coverage:
Covers 118 to 173.995, 230 to 549.995 and from 810 to 999.990 MHz

1052 memory channels (1000 regular, 50 search limits and 2 call channels) to channel comments 8 characters.

26 memory banks:
Bank Name 6 characters.

Detachable Front: The front has some magnets on the rear panel allow to stick to the main unit or other metal objects.

Compact housing with big screen
The large LCD provides excellent viewing angle for operation
mobile. The color of backlight is selectable between green
yellow or amber.

Encoder and decoder CTCSS / DTCS Built (FM mode only).

    ICOM IDE880
    ICOM IDE880
    ICOM IDE880