YAESU VX-6E KIT A. Walkie Bibanda VHF / UHF + CD15 desktop charger FAS

YAESU VX 6 61877
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  • YAESU VX-6E KIT A. Walkie Bibanda VHF / UHF + CD15 desktop charger FAST VX6E The new laptop is a dual...

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Yaesu VX-6

New Yaesu VX-6 E is a dual band portable for use radioaficionados144 / 430 VHF / UHF with improved reception. Its highly robust design gives high-level qualities such as Submersible to 1 meter for 30 minutes or resistant to the usual bumps for use in ócio, hiking, mountaineering etc. In hazardous activities such as hiking we can be very useful features EAI Emergency Automatic ID or multicolor LED high brightness.

EL Yaesu VX-6 includes DTMF keypad for direct access to functions and supplied frecuencias.Se series with high capacity battery 1250 mAh Lithium Ion technology

buying this kit acquires Charger fast Desktops CD-15 that will allow you to charge your Yaesu VX-6 very fast and convenient way .

Kit Contents
  • 1 Walkie talkie Yaesu VX-6
  • 1 Antenna for VX-6
  • 1 Battery 1250 mAh lithium
  • 1 Charger wall NC72C
  • 1 CD-15 (Charger fast desktop)
  • 1 Belt Clip for Yaesu VX-6
  • Manual


The Yaesu VX-6 is designed to withstand the most extreme situations such as water with this walkie talkie you can perform activities which can occur at some time in the water and not worry about his walkie talkie.

The chassis Yaesu VX-6 is protected with a seal that makes it totally a walkie talkie waterproof and water resistant. The connectors of this equipment have also been designed to fit perfectly and not allow any filtering liquid was inside the VX-6 .
If you want it on our website may also find waterproof accessories like MH73 A4B. .

The possibilities Yaesu VX-6 are very spacious and you can competarlas with a range of optional accessories as:

  • SU-1 barometric sensor, it can detect sudden changes in weather conditions: The SU1 is not an element of precision should be used for information
  • E-DC5B: Cable car power
  • FBA- 23:. Portapilas, uses 2 AA batteries
  • MH-57 Speaker Microphone A4B
  • CSC-91 case


  • Portable bibanda V-UHF 5W, improved reception
  • Supplied with Lithium ion battery FNB-80 highly durable 1250 mAh
  • Submersible 1m 30' meets standards JIS7 ??underwater sealing
  • 900 alphanumeric memories with 24 banks for your organization
  • EAI personal emergency system (automatic transmission controlled by remote code personalized to monitor the user in case of staying prevented, caught etc. The user does not need to press the PTT to indicate their status automatically perform the TX)
  • ARTS
  • TOT
  • Smart Search
  • Auto Power Off.
  • Ergonomic design can handle even with gloves, mountain situations or extreme cold.
  • Diseño ergonómico se puede manejar incluso con guantes, situaciones de montaña o frió extremo.
  • Large illuminated display
  • Gran display iluminado
  • Battery Saver Tx and Rx
  • Economizador de baterías en Tx y Rx
  • BCLO
  • BCLO
  • locking system with carrier emission detected
  • Sistema de bloqueo de emisión con portadora detectada
  • including CTCSS and DCS DCS encoder
  • Subtonos CTCSS y DCS incluidos DCS encoder
  • Information load level display.
  • Selective Calling 2 tone CTCSS
  • ARTS system coverage checker
  • 4 types of scanner
  • Access to WIRES, voice gateway system via internet
  • Dimensions and weight: 58x89x28mm, 270g full
  • Medidas y peso: 58x89x28mm, 270g completo.
  • .