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VHF Walkie monoband ALAN CT-180

VHF Walkie monoband ALAN CT-180

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Referencia: CT180 (ALAN MIDLAND)

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In order to battery knows, it is equipped with to special circuit (APO) that it makes possible to remain in delay reducing to under single consumption to 5mA. 20 180 CT there plow the possibility of to memorise up to channels (extra one of priority), being able to sees EDF, thanks to comfortable External taking, by means of to power supply.

- Accessory including: Pack of batteries NiMH of 7,2V/600mA/h, to shipper of wall, to rubber spiral antenna, to paper conveyor to paper paper clip belt and belt.
It notices: 5 w. of to power with battery 12v. not including


Frequencies 144/145MHz
Margin of temperatures -10º/+50ºC
Tension of feeding 7.2 Vcc (5-16Vcc)
Dimensions 55x83,5x31 (without battery)
Weight 185 g (without battery)
Receiving Sensitivity < 0.16µV
Audio power exit of 250mW
Consumption 35mA in delay
Transmitting Power RF 13.8 V-Hi 5W-M 2W
Consumption to 13V = 950mA, 7,2V = 650mA

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