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AOR ARD-9900 digital voice encryptor

AOR ARD-9900 digital voice encryptor

ARD9900 ARD9900 ARD9900 ARD9900 ARD9900 ARD9900 ARD9900 ARD9900 ARD9900

Referencia: ARD9900

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AOR ARD-9900

Digital voice encryptor

The AOR ARD-9900 allows you to encrypt your voice in analog or normal modes in a simple way by a switch.

AOR ARD-9900

AOR ARD-9900

No need to modify your computer, simply connect it to the microphone input.


- Aor ARD-9900
- PC Interface Cable
- Speaker Cable
- Power cord
- Microphone jack
- Microphone

AOR ARD-9900


- Analogue voice communication using encryption for 2-way

- The ARD-9900 uses the same audio frequencies (300 Hz ~ 2500 Hz)
microphone audio to modulate the voice signal. This allows the use of an analogue
a radio transceiver and digital voice.

- Voice communications in the Side Band (BSS).

- The frequency clarifier function automatically adjusts frequency drift automatically in the SSB mode (approximately up to + / - 125 Hz).

- Use a circuit ODFM (Multi Carrier Modulation) that is effective against multi-path or selective

- Receive automatic digital signals.

- Automatic signal detector recognizes the voice signal received as analog or digital
automatically switching the appropriate mode.

- Digital Slow Scan TV (SSTV).
Note: Requires optional ME-1 memory module.

- Incorporates video capture function (NTSC or PAL, depending on the country where the unit is purchased).
Note: Requires optional ME-1 memory module.

- Compress the signal in our original JPEG format adaptation.

- Send and receive images in digital mode.

- Includes connector video output (NTSC or PAL, depending on the country where the unit is purchased). Allows the display of the image in an external monitor.

- Includes high quality Vocoder (AMBE).

- Using digital compression of high-quality voice, offering quality digital voice communications.

- Incorporates the FEC.

- Communications in the HF band.

- Communication of information available on HF (high frequency) bands at no extra cost.
(The speed can be limited by laws in certain jurisdictions.)

- Small and compact unit. Easy to handle.

- Simply connect the ARD9900 to the microphone and speaker output from the power of the transceiver.

- No modifications are required complicated or risky radio are needed.

- Uses a unique design high-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor) engine.

- Battery operation possible use in the field.