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HF MAGNUM MAGNUM S9 Play 28065-28525 MHZ POWER 45 watts AM.

HF MAGNUM MAGNUM S9 Play 28065-28525 MHZ POWER 45 watts AM.


Referencia: MAGNUMS9

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HF MAGNUM MAGNUM S9 Play 28065-28525 MHZ SSB with sides
28 MHz mode frequency counter, or 28065-28525 channels mode
Analog S-Meter large and round with SWR meter
6 digit frequency counter Blue
45W adjustable power AM, FM, SSB
Dual Microphone input
RF Gain and Microphone Gain adjustable
Digital Turbo Echo - Exclusive MAGNUM with Volume and Delay
Selection of jumps of 5 or 10 kHz
Coarse Clarifier 7.5 Khz TX / RX

It has two microphone connections for connecting to the right or left.


  • 45 Watt, AM / FM / USB / LSB / PA 10 Meter Mobile Amateur Transceiver
  • Blue LED Channel and Frequency Counter Displays
  • Large Round Meter with Blue (RX) and Red (TX) Backlight
  • 3 Stage Dimmer - Controls All Front Panel Lighting
  • Double-Barrel% u2122 Microphone Jacks - Another Magnum Exclusive!
    • The S-9 Features TWO 4-Pin Microphone Jacks - In Parallel!
    • One on the Left Side and the Other on the Right Side
    • Run Two Different Microphones, or Give a Mic to Your Co-Pilot!
  • Variable Power Output Control - Operates in ALL Modes
  • TURBO% u2122 Digital Echo with Dual Controls
  • AMT - All Mode Talkback with Volume Control on Front Panel
  • TOP GUN% u2122 Modulator -"0Magnum Exclusive!
    • Turns the S-9's transmitter section Into a modulator
    • With 1 watt carrier - swing to 45 watts!
    • 100% modulation for unbelievable power
    • Modulator On / Off Control on Front Panel
  • TOP GUN% u2122 Compressor -"0Magnum Exclusive!
    • Compressor Improves Transmitted Audio
    • Helps Punch Through Crowded Airwaves
  • Front Panel Band Switch
  • High SWR Warning Light with On / Off Control
  • Roger Beep with On / Off Control
  • +10 KHz Switch
  • Microphone and RF Gain
  • Noise Blanker / ANL