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Fast VAC-10 Shipper of batteries

Fast VAC-10 Shipper of batteries

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VAC 10 is to Fast Shipper who allows recharging Batteries of Nikel-Cadmiun and Nikel-Metal

It there are possibility individually of loading batteries or in the walkie

VAC 10

VAC 10

Connection and CD-30 between PA-38


Load of battery individually

VAC 10

Load of battery with the walkie
VAC 10


1. Insert the connector of to adapter of current in the groove of to shipper of batteries.
2. Connect to adapter to current taking
3. Insert battery or battery + walkie in to shipper of batteries.
4. Verify that the LED this in network color, this means that the load this being made.
5. When the battery is loaded the LED changed green, indicating therefore the end of the load
6. Battery retires the of to shipper and disconnect to adapter of the current taking


ˇ Current to shipper (approx): 400 mA

ˇ Time of load (approx): 3 hours

ˇ Rank of temperature in operation: +5 ēC up to +35 ēC

ˇ Under large CD-30: 94 xs 81 xs 135 mm

ˇ CD-30 Peso: 230 g

ˇ PA-38B Voltage: 120 VAC

ˇ PA-38C/U Voltage: 230VAC

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