IT RECEIVES MT800. Pair of walkies Without license + Earpieces of Gif

walkies COBRA MT800 61207
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  • MT800
  • Pack walkies COBRA MT800 2 VP. Auricular shipper includes 2 walkies MT800 + 2 batteries + doubles to...

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ref: MT800 Pack walkies COBRA MT800 2 VP. Shipper includes 2 walkies MT800 + 2 batteries+ doubles to + earpieces

Reach: up to 5 km 8 channels and 38 subchannels. 968 deprived combinations of communication. The double listening and I scan of channels. It eliminatesinterferences and noises. Retroiluminado Display LCD. Warning of call: 10 different sounds. Sonorous warning of change. Function free hands. The walkie detectsthe voice and it with no need activates to press key some. Function baby to sitter. Blockade of keyboard. Levelof batteries. Circuit of battery saving. It has connectionto microloudspeaker. It works with reloadable batteries NiMH (provided in pack) or with 4 alkaline batteries AAA (not including).


 - 2 walkies MT800
 - 2 Baterias
 - 2 clips
 - 1 double Shipper
 - 2 Earpieces
 - Manual multi-language


walkies COBRA MT800



 - 8 channels
 - 121 private codigos
 - Up to 5 km of reach
 - VOX
 - Monitor of drinks
 - dual Clock
 - Alert of call (10 seleccionables tones)
 - Pitido of transmission aim (selectionable on/off)
 - Visualization with retroiluminada LCD
 - Saving of bateria
 - Scanned (canal/codigos of privacy)
 - Pin for loudspeaker/microphono/shipper
 - Indicating of bateria low
 - Tones by pulsation (seleccionables on/off)
 - Blockade of keys
 - Paper clip for the belt