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ATC5505M2 Nauze Headset for walkies. Driving Special - Motorola C

ATC5505M2 Nauze Headset for walkies. Driving Special - Motorola C


Referencia: ATC5505M2 (NAUZER)


60,38€ incl. VAT

49,90€ w/o VAT


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ATC5505M2 Nauze

Handsfree Kit for walkies. Driving Special - Motorola Connection

This great kit allows you to communicate in a practical, simple and secure. No installation or external power needed. Just plug it into your walkie and enjoy this team.

ATC5505M2 Nauze

Suitable for Motorola walkies (T5022, T5422, T5522, TLKRT5, TLKRT7, etc)

The ATC5505M2 Nauze headset designed specifically for use in vehicles (cars, campers, commercial vehicles, etc).


Powerful speaker

Speaker walkie talkies sized specifically for any operating band (VHF, UHF, 27 MHZ, USE FREE)

High gain integrated microphone with noise reduction.

The microphone has been integrated into the loudspeaker to reduce ATC5505M2 space. Thanks to its powerful as electret capsule could be placed in any part of your vehicle without affecting the communication.

Button (PTT) adjustable

The ATC5505M2 pushbutton has been designed to accommodate multiple locations including any highlight gearshift lever.

High quality connections

Connections to this product are all high quality. Each and every one of them has a lock indicator and screw-type connection for easy mounting of ATC5505M2