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Available product.
  • CB 27 Mhz. high performance. BLACK Color. 40 channels AM / FM. Innovative and stylish appearance, type...

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  • 125,00€
  • VAT not included

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Thank you for purchasing a product LAFAYETTE.

To take full advantage of this product, please read the instructions which we detail subsequently.


Do not attempt to deliver if the antenna has not previously been connected, this action could seriously damage your computer.

? This equipment has been calibrated and tested at the factory, do not open or tamper with internal components.


The cable connecting the antenna must end in a PL-259 connector to enable connection to the computer. Use only adjustable antennas in the band 27 Mhz. And RG-58 / U with a typical impedance of 50 Ohms.

Microphone holder:

Install the microphone stand in a comfortable position in the vehicle, check that both the cable and the microphone does not harm or interfere with driving operations.


Modern vehicles often do not cause interference problems due to their distribution systems or boot, so the station should not suffer any interference from the engine performance.

Standard features include:


1 volume knob and on / off

2 squelch control

3 channel selector up / down

LCD display:

1 Channel / Frequency

2 TX / BP / DW / SC

3 Memory Channel 1% u2013 4

4:00 a.m. / FM / CW

5 Level Meter 12 bars

Antenna connector type S0-239 (PL female)

8-Pin Dynamic Microphone

Blue backlighting

Squelch for noise


1 White noise and automatic circuit integrated noise limiting

2 Powerful dynamic microphone control button ASQ

3 Large easy to read LCD display

4 selector buttons with dual

5 Display channel number or frequency

6 beeper on / off

7 Return to last channel used instant

8 System Manual and automatic squelch control

9 function 4-channel scanner memory

10 Role of double vision

11 emergency channel 9 button

Please note that the use of this equipment is subject to approval by the resolution referred to in Article 334, PT code (only for Italy)


1 Function selector

Selector 2 AM / FM and CSF

(Recall the last channel)

3 TL (low tone) and roger beep

4 SCH (sub channel) and BP (beep tone)

5 SW (sub match) and SC (scanner)

6 ASQ (auto squelch) and 1 memory channel

7 FRQ (frequency) and Memory Channel 2

8 CH9 (emergency channel 9) and Memory Channel 3

9 button on / off, on / off and volume control

10 Display LCD display

Channel selector 11

12 Squelch Control

Led indicator 13 RX (reception) or TX (emission)

Information can be displayed on screen.


After you have successfully installed the station correctly connected CB antenna and the connection to the power to proceed under the following 6 steps for proper and successful use of the device.

Step 1: Connect the microphone to the connection at the front of the unit and verify proper and safe connection.

Step 2: Verify that the connection of the antenna to the station is properly performed.

Step 3: Verify that the control of "squelch" is at times pointing position "9" o'clock.

Step 4: Turn the machine on the same control and adjust the volume more satisfying.

Step 5: Select the desired channel using the channel selector up / down.

Step 6: To transmit, press the "PTT" button on the microphone. For release the "PTT".


1 - FC button (function)

Each button activates two distinct functions

FC Pressing the button appears on the display screen and can access the functions BP / RB / SC / M1 / M2 / M3

If you do not press any buttons after pressing the key FC, automatically after 15 seconds turns off the function, or by pressing the button again will disable the function.

2 - Switch AM / FM button (LCR)

a. Function AM / FM:

Press this button to select AM or FM. Pressing this button will appear on AM or FM screen.

b. LCR:

Opera as LCR (Last Channel Recall), only in FM mode.

3 - Button TL / RB (low tone / roger beep)

to-LOW TONE function (TL), pressing this button, the screen TL and the station will operate in this role.

b-function ROGER BEEP (RB), RB pressing the button after pressing the button FC appears on the display screen and have activated RB (ON) ROGER BEEP function that will sound at the end of a transmission. To disable this feature, press the button again and then RB FC and we turned off (OFF) this function, then the indication will disappear from the screen. (This feature can only be used in FM mode)

4 - Button SCH / BP (Sub channel / beep tone)

1 - Function SUB CHANNEL (SCH)

SCH a-Call: pressing this button indication appears on the screen SCH. Press this button again to reselect the main channel (MCH). It's easy and useful to select two channels to operate

* MCH is the channel currently in use, tighten SCH to access the associated channel. If this function is used in conjunction with the function SUB WATCH (SW), is very convenient to operate on two channels

* When we are operating in channel mode SCH other functions are disabled.

b-SCH Memory: Memory sub-channel, SCH-hold

So while in SCH, the channel will flash on the screen, then adjust the desired channel up or down the channels with the CH control, you have found the desired channel and press again SCH will be memorized.

2 - Function Beep (BP)

Press the button and then FC BP, the display shows BP and Beep function is enabled (ON), with this will generate an audible signal (beep) when you press the buttons.

To disable this function, press the button and hit FC BP BP new function will be disabled (OFF).


1 - Sub Function Watch (SW)

This feature allows you to receive two channels simultaneously with one device using a main channel and active channel and having a second channel designated as sub-channel ready to communicate with a group of like-minded individuals or third parties.

This function is constantly searching for reception on both channels, alternating main channel and sub-channel.

When reception ends, after 7 seconds restarts search again received.

Pressing the SW again, the dual channel mode ends.

The method of operation is indicated below:

a. MCH (main channel) and SCH (sub-channel) are displayed alternately

b. If you receive a signal search function stops to SW


c. When reception finishes SW restart function after 7 seconds

d. Pressing the microphone PTT button during playback will

Last channel automatically when received. Pressing the PTT

microphone during the search will go to the main channel.

e. To exit this function press any of the PTT, SW, CH9

or control channels (CH).

2 - Automatic search function scanner (SC)

This function automatically searches for channels which are transmitting

Pressing the SC, the channel shifts the highest of the channels and

search starts.

Where, for a channel which is transmitting and ends the transmission,

7 seconds past the end restart the search again.

To end the search, press the PTT, FC, SW, A / F control

channels (CH).

6 - Button ASQ / M1 (Auto Squelch / Memory 1)

1 - Automatic squelch function

This function eliminates the noise exceeds a certain level and avoid the hassle of using the manual volume control squelch SQ.

2 - Built-in memory (M1 to M3)

* Operation of the memories M1 to M3 *

* To save memory, select the channel you want to memorize

by the channel selector button, CH. HR and pressing the buttons hold down the M1, M2 or M3 according to the position in which you want to save, a beep indicates that the channel has been stored successfully and leave the function FC.

* To use the channel memory: FC button and press M1, M2 or M3

according to the report to which you want to access and display on screen channel.

7 - Button FRQ / M2 (Frequency / Memory 2)

Function Frequency (FRQ)

This function displays the number of the channel frequency.

Pressing the channel frequency FRQ is displayed in 5 segments.

To exit this function press the button again FRQ.

8 - CH9 / M3 (Channel 9 Emergency / Memory 3)

Press this button in case of emergency, this will lead to channel 9 immediately (emergency channel). Channel 9 is displayed and the screen will flash EMERGENCY.

9 - ON / VOL (Power / Control sound volume)

Turning the knob clockwise will team up and volume increases. Turning left the volume down and turn the power.

10 - LCD

All operating functions are displayed.

11 - Selection of channels (CH)

This button is used for channel selection. Turning it clockwise up the channels, turning left down the channels.

12 - Manual Squelch (SQ)

This control eliminates noise when no signal is being received.

Turn the knob to the left (reverse clockwise) until the end so that the noise appears. To eliminate the noise, turn right (clockwise) slowly and stop at the point where no noise and where they can receive the signal without noise and with better sensitivity.

* This system eliminates noise when no signal and is particularly useful where high volume mode.

13 - Led indicator RX / TX

In reception (RX) LED lights green when a signal, transmission LED lights in red.

14 - 8-pin microphone.

Food or 13.8 v B +

o Ability to raise or lower the microphone channels

o Ability to enable / disable the ASQ from microphone

or dynamic microphone

15 - Power Cable Connection

Connect the power cable to the vehicle battery (red wire to positive 13.8 volts, and black wire to ground) or power (in the same way as in the battery.) Pay close attention to this step, a wrong connection (reverse polarity) or a higher voltage supply to 13.8 volts to damage the equipment.

External Speaker

The station has a connector on the back for connecting external speaker jack with type "jack" of 3.5 mm.


With the emergence of possible malfunctions in the device, it is advisable to perform a reset of the team.

To do this, disconnect the device with the VOL / ON and start the machine again with the VOL / ON while pressing the FC.

The word RESET appears on the screen and placed in channel 20, the apparatus will have been reset and operate correctly.