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SAFARI MINELAB SAFARIKIT MINELAB DETECTOR DE METALES , Incluye BOLSA TRANSPORTE + AURICULARES + FUNDA DE PLATO + BATERIA + CARGADOR Detector digital, ajuste de terreno automático, perfecta discriminación, fácil de manejar y muy profundo. To more Manufacturer: minelab Reference SAFARIKIT

1.099,89 incl. VAT
909,00€ w/o VAT
Delivery price from 30,25€
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Digital detector, automatic terrain adjustment, perfect discrimination, easy to handle and very deep. All the treasures at your fingertips! With Minelab's unique multi-frequency FBS frequency technology, the Safari combines depth, sensitivity and precision in an easy-to-use detector.

Detector digital, ajuste de terreno automático, perfecta discriminación, fácil de manejar y muy profundo.

Todos los tesoros al alcance de su mano!!! Con la exclusiva tecnología de frecuencia FBS múltiple de Minelab, el Safari combina profundidad, sensibilidad y precisión en un detector fácil de manejar.

safari minelab 


Contents of the SAFARI kit

1 Transport Bag

1 Screen protection bag
    1 Ni MH Battery 1600 mAh
  • 1 Wall Charger
    1 PH 100R Headset
    1 Bolsa de protecccion pantalla
    1 Manual in Spanish and English
    1 Cargador de Pared
    1 Auricular PH 100R
  • Features


Four programmed detection modes - Coins / jewels, Relics and All Metals.

Four modes programmable by the user.

Linear discrimination scale. Functionality
Accept / Reject.
    Automatic and manual sensitivity.
  • Location with visual indicators.
    High Scrap Density: Fewer false signals
    in places where coins and relics are sought,
    Low: for sites without scrap.
    Background tone setting: 0 40.
    Volume adjustment adapts the volume to the user
    Cancel noise - select the most stable detection channel. Interface - Intuitive structure for quick and easy adjustment. Clear indicator of depth of the object.
    Object ID number. Object icon (wen modes coins and jewelry). Mode indicators and Identification Bar with active discrimination pattern.
    LCD screen, 64 x 128 pixels with adjustable contrast.
    Lower bar longer, for greater comfort.
    Robust and well balanced design, to be able to search for more time. FBS Technology Enter with Safari in the world of Full Band Spectrum Technology FBS). 28 frequencies bombarding terrain with signals from 1.5kHz to 100kHz. Technical Data
    Adjustable length from 43 to 54 inches
    Weight 1.63 kilos without batteries
    Dish 11 inches, lightweight, waterproof, Double D
    Audio output Internal speaker or headphones
    Headphone output 1/4 "plug
    64 x 128 pixels
    Transmission Full Band Spectrum (FBS) Transmission Frequency
    Multiple from 1.5kHz to 100kHz
    Ground Rejection Advanced Digital Terrain Compensation
    Linear Discrimination (10 to 40)
    User Discrimination Yes (10 to 40)
    Detection Modes (Preset) 4 (Coin; Coin / Jewelry; Relic; All Metal) Detect Modes
    (Personal) 4 (Programmable)
    Noise Cancellation Yes
    Excavated Location (Pinpoint) Static with Acoustic and Visual Indicators
    Automatic / Manual Sensitivity Adjustment (0 20)
    Adjustable Background Tone (0 40)
    Adjustable Object Volume (0 20)
    Scrap Density High / Low
    Alkaline Batteries 12V 8 x 1.5 AA (not included)
    Patents US 4890064, US 5537041, US 5506506
    Localización excacta (Pinpoint) Estático con indicadores acústicos y visuales
    Ajuste sensibilidad Automático/Manual (0 20)
    Tono de fondo Ajustable (0 40)
    Volumen del objeto Ajustable (0 20)
    Densidad de chatarra Alto/Bajo
    Pilas Alcalinas 12V 8 x 1,5 AA (no incluidas)
    Patentes US 4890064, US 5537041, US 5506506

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