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Garrett PRO-POINTER II handheld metal detected.

Garrett PRO-POINTER II handheld metal detected. more Manufacturer: garret Reference PROPOINTERII EAN 786156004610

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GARRET Pro-Pointer II

Its non-motion detection mode allows us to find objects more quickly.
Acoustic and vibratory alarm that grows in intensity when we approach the target.
Automatic readjustment
Does not cause interference with your metal detector.
Flashlight to facilitate the search in low light places.
Sleeve to transport the pro-pointer comfortably on the belt.
360º search capacity.
Great diversity of utilities (metal tubes in the walls, nails in the woods ...)

To turn on the Propointer, press and release the Power button. The detector will light up and two intermittent beeps will indicate that the Garrett Propointer is ready to be used.

The Garrett Propointer metal detector has two alarm systems, by sound and vibration.
When it detects a metal, a clear beep is heard and the vibration alarm is activated, which increases the intensity as we approach the object. If we move away from the metal piece, both the acoustic and vibratory alarm lose intensity.
This unique garrett feature makes it very easy for the user to locate the exact spot where the piece is located.

The Garrett Propointer also includes an exclusive 9,52cm scraping blade that facilitates the recovery of the object. This rough edge is ideal when looking on very dirty terrain.
Hello from scraping Garrett propointer
The white LED light stays on while the detector is in operation also performing the functions of flashlight, which helps enormously in low light situations.
Led light garrett propointer

When the Propointer starts to run out of battery, an acoustic alarm is activated that tells us that the 9V battery that the detector carries should be replaced as soon as possible.
The battery is housed in a container that makes the battery change a simple and easy task for which no tool or utensil is required.
Opening the container is as simple as turning the lid counterclockwise.
Garrett Propointer Battery

The Garrett Propointer comes with a carrying case that attaches to any belt size.
Garrett Propointer Case

The white LED light of the Garrett Propointer metal detector turns on when we turn on the detector and stays on until we turn it off. This small flashlight is extremely useful in low light situations.
The Propointer is a NO-MOVEMENT detector, which means that the signal strength and vibration increase as we get closer to the object and decrease when we move away from it. Automatically detects all types of metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous.
The Propointer has a couple of important features that can be highlighted. One is its ability to explore laterally, which allows searching large areas quickly. The other is its resistance to water, complying with all the regulations required IEC 60 9 IP 66, which facilitates the search in muddy and wet areas without worrying about damaging the equipment.

The static mode of the Propointer makes it an excellent locator to find metal cables and pipes in walls.

Its non-motion detection mode allows us to find objects more quickly.

Its non-motion detection mode allows us to find objects more quickly.

Contents of the kit
  • Propointer detector
  • Sheath

Its non-motion detection mode allows us to find objects more quickly.

Its non-motion detection mode allows us to find objects more quickly.


  • Dimensions: 22,9cm
  • Weight: 1.8 Kgs.
  • Working frequency: 12Khz
  • Resintonía: automatic
  • Working temperatures: -37ºC to 70ºC
  • Power supply: 9V battery included
  • Autonomy: 30h. with alkaline batteries and 8h with rechargeable batteries
  • Warranty: 2 years

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