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FT-2000 Issuer Yaesu HF and 50 MHz - 100W

FT-2000 Issuer HF and HF Transceiver Yaesu 50 Mhz and 50 MHz. 100W. Rx continuous coverage. Double receiver. SSB / CW / AM / FM / FSK / PACKET. 4-port antenna. EDSP more Reference FT2000

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FT 2000 Issuing HF and 50 Mhz Yaesu

With the new series of teams transceivers FT 2000 HF+50MHz YAESU offers to the radio hams the possibility of enjoy a team of range high to a price really obtainable. The FT 2000 offers the main provisions of the series FT 9000 as are; the power of a processor DSP of útlima generation, receiving of triple conversion, filters of preselection of ferrite kind "mike tunnig" of very high Q (typical major of 300,) coupler of aerial of high speed automatic, double reception (in the same band )
To improve notably the reception, the series FT2000 adds two systems of filtering that protejen so the first preamplifier of signal like the 3 stages of F.I. These 2 systems are the VRF Filter Preselector of Frequency Changeable and joins combination of 12 Filters Fixed Pasabanda BPF, both systems controllable from the panel front.

Además en el FT-2000D, para trabajar en bandas "bajas" 14 MHz y por debajo, podemos incorporar opcionalmente los nuevos RF microtuning MU filtros pasabandas de muy alto Q, estos filtros se ajustan por medio de una bobina de altísimo Q (300 o superior) sintonizable automáticamente por un núcleo de ferrita mediante un sofisticado sistema que ajusta el centro de la frecuencia que estemos trabajando. Exist 3 kinds optional available, these "kits" can be conexionados exteriormente without need of modifications internal.

The DSP of the series FT 2000 is a system of filtering digital that tries the signal not only in her cuts of reception but also in transmission functioning as an equalizer of microphone gives birth reinforce acute, cut frequencies and so on Designed with the last technology in processed digital YAESU has used a new processor of 32 bit with floating-point but with a Philosophy clear on the part of the manufacturer; EMULAR to the maximum possible the feeling of reception analogic, though with the advantages current.

Especially significant in the part of the Control Automatic of Profit AGC, tremendously efficient above all in moments of "pailap" or saturation of the frequency by competitions, DX specials etc Between the main manners of DSP are; El WIDHT/SHIFT combinando estos 2 controles logramos un desplazamiento del ruido o señal no deseada a la vez que estrechamos la señal a los límites seleccionados, el CONTORNO DSP tiene hasta 16 tipos de análisis de ruido, adaptando la señal recibida para hacer la modulación más "natural", Filtro NOTCH de eliminación de ruidos parásitos, el reductor de ruido digital DNR ajustable, etc..
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- Transceiver HF+50 MHz desktop.
- Boosts TX: 100W
- Coverage in reception: 0,1-60 MHz. Receiving of triple conversion superheterodino
- Coverage in TX: 160-10m and 6m Bands of Radio Ham
- Every manner LSB, USB, CW, RTTY, packet, AM, FM
- High power of audio, 2,5W on 4 ohms with 10% THD
- Coupler of aerial automatic internal included
- Double receiving (in the same band )
- EDSP in RX and TX
- 4 entries of aerial
- Bandwidth of transmission changeable
- Equalizer of microphone of 3 bands parámetrico
- IPO; point of interception optimal
- Filters RF microtuning of high Q >300 )
- Manipulative electronic CW with 4 memories of 50 characters
- Double medidor; analogic and digitalis (display VFO of high luminosity )
- Option Unit of Control of Data DMU 2000
- DDS Sintetizador Digital Straight high resolution to 200 MHz
- Send Dial ergonomic with speed of searching changeable
- Entry of Frequency Straight
- 99 memories alphanumeric in 5 groups
- Several kinds of scanner
- Different manners digital; PSK 31, RTTY, Packet Fax, FSK, AFSK
- Recorder digital of Voice
- Power supply internal



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