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YAESU G450-C Antenna rotator and controller

YAESU G450-C Antenna rotator and controller. Rotation Torque 600 kgf-cm / Braking Torque 3000 kgf-cm more Reference G450C | EAN 4909959151404

G450 G450C G450C G450C G450C G450C G450C G450C G450C G450C G450C G450C G450C G450C G450C G450C G450C
360,58 incl. VAT
298,00€ w/o VAT
Delivery price from 25.00€


YAESU G 450 C Rotor Turbine-type azimuth. Azimuth / torque 500 kg / cm brake 3000 kg / cm. YAESU rotors are designed under a philosophy of strength and durability. Depending on the model we choose, we can meet the most diverse needs and uses; Television, radio amateurs, military, tracking of satellites etc.
External treatments and connections are designed for resistance to the most adverse weather conditions. Water-resistant aluminum alloy chassis and heavy duty lubrication for years. Its planetary-type brake system eliminates false contacts and provides quiet, reliable operation.
Los tratamientos y conexiones exteriores estan pensadas para la resistencia a las más adversas condiciones climatológicas. Chasis de aleación de aluminio resistente al agua y lubricación resistente durante años. Su sistema de frenos tipo planetario elimina falsos contactos y nos proporciona una operación silenciosa y fiable.

See manual English PDF >> click here <<

Ver manual ingles PDF>> clic aqui <<

Kit contents yaesu g 450 c rotor azimutal tipo torreta. azimutal/ par de fuerza 500 kg/cm de freno 3000 kg /cm.

1 Rotor G450
Contenido del kit
    1 Tabletop controller
  • 1 Rotor G450
  • 1 Connector for rotor 7 pins
  • 1 Controlador de mesa
  • 1 Connector for the 6-pin tabletop controller
  • 1 Conector para rotor 7 pins
  • 1 Conector para el controlador de mesa 6 pins.

yaesu g 450 c rotor azimutal tipo torreta. azimutal/ par de fuerza 500 kg/cm de freno 3000 kg /cm.Features

Wind resistance: 1 m²

Brake torque: 3,000 kg / cm

    Starting torque: 500Kg / cm
  • Maximum vertical load: 100Kg
  • Maximum vertical vertical load: 300Kg
  • Diameter of the mast: 32 63 mm diameter
  • Turning time 360º: 63 seconds
  • Dimensions: 170 mm diameter x 263
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Cable required: minimum 5 wires, (not included)
  • Diámetro del mastil: 32 63 mm diámetro
  • Tiempo de giro 360º: 63 segundos
  • Dimensiones: 170 mm diámetro x 263
  • Peso: 3,2 Kg
  • Cable necesario: minimo 5 hilos, (no incluido)